November 19, 1992

Your auxiliary slave is at Your Service.

Vassula of My Sacred Heart, beloved of My Soul, come to Me; when persecuted enter My Sacred Heart and taste My Love; among many, I have chosen you to follow Me into the Path that leads to Unity; I have made you My pupil and not only have I become your Educator and Teacher but I have become your Spouse; with Me you will lack nothing, beloved;

Do You want me in dictation, Lord?

every minute of your life! every single minute of your life, be with Me! in prayer, in dictation, in meditation, in receiving Me in the Holy Eucharist, at the hours of adoration, prove your love to Me! prove your thirst for Me, prove your faithfulness by remaining united in love with My Heart; be steadfast, dependable on My Strength and always look forward to meeting Me; ah, little one, have you not understood? have you not noticed the greatness of the Love I have for you, and My friendship? …

and now, while you are still here, join your prayers with these of the saints and remember, I know perfectly well what you have in your heart; I know your needs, everything! you all belong to Me alike and would I not give My Life all over again for you were it needed!1 ….

here I am, sending My Spirit to remind you of the greatness of My Love, and to ask you to withdraw from the world that has everything but Me; for each one of you I have a place in My Sacred Heart; come, unite your heart with My Heart and live Our Messages; I bless each one of you, leaving the Sigh of My Love on your forehead; be one!

1 These words were given with much expression since they came out of His Divine Heart.