July 28, 1992

(On my way to Rhodos, Greece)

fortify Your city1 against siege,
fortify Your sanctuary
since I have to face a people
who say to the seers: “see no visions”,
to the prophets: “do not prophesy the truth to us”
and to Your predilected souls: “you are damned”.
Have they not read,
“every kingdom divided against itself
is heading for ruin;
and no town, no household,
divided against itself can stand;” 2
And if it is through Satan thousands are being converted
through Your Message ‘True Life in God’,
a Message given by Your Spirit,
a Message anointed from Your Mouth,
through whom then do their holy priests convert?

and so I tell you again and again, every one of men’s sins and blasphemies will be forgiven, but blasphemy against My Spirit will not be forgiven; anyone speaking against My Holy Spirit and he will not be forgiven, either in this world or in the next;3 and you, do not let your heart be troubled, I am with you; come, My Vassula, I and you, you and I, together, see?

have My Peace; we, us? come;

1 That is: fortify my soul.