July 14, 1992

“Lord, the first time I was persecuted
I could not even present my defence,”
there was not a single witness to support me.
Every one of them deserted me.
But You, Lord, stood by me and gave me strength,
so that through me the whole Message might be proclaimed
for all the nations to hear;
and so I was rescued from the Lion’s mouth.
The Lord will rescue me from all evil attempts on me,
“and oh are they many!”
You will in the end bring me safely to Your Kingdom.
To You be glory for ever and ever. Amen. 1

My Vassula, lead a life in peace, love Me and propound My Peace everywhere I am sending you; have you not yet understood My Power? so what is there to fear? I have put My Finger to your lips; you are not completely conscious of it, yet I tell you, My Finger is on your lips to pronounce all that I Myself have given you;

no, you will not get by unscathed, but I have enough Power to cure you and heal your wounds; My Cup tastes bitter, yet out of Love I invited you to share it with Me; if I were not standing by your side, you would have been torn to pieces; so do not worry, no one can snatch you from Me;

hear My advice: do not get worn out; zeal for My House devours you and I am happy for your enthusiasm to glorify Me; nevertheless, the Bridegroom says to His bride: prophesy in peace and allow My Holy Spirit to be your Guide; My Holy Spirit will not saddle you with weights beyond your strength; therefore, do not prolong the requests and the meetings; My Spirit will direct you so that you may give them sufficient, only the essential should be done; serve in humility, preach and teach all that I have given you; in this way you will glorify Me; take care about what you teach; repeat only the words I Myself have given you; do not add nor subtract; be dedicated to Me;

I am reminding you of these things so as to proclaim in perfection My Knowledge; I want you to be My Echo so that those who are listening may recognise My Voice; be careful always to choose the right course;

Vassula, My Bride, the race is not yet over; do everything though in peace; I want My bride near Me, under My dictation now and then; work in harmony with Me; I am sending you to reap a harvest I Myself worked for; therefore, remember: console Me, desire Me, thirst for Me in My stillness, and allow your Saviour to rest in you;

I, Jesus, bless you;