June 17, 1992

Yahweh my God,
You Who are so tender and so close to me
hear the sufferings of He
who is the Delight of Your Soul:
Jesus Christ, Your Son;
the Church’s gateways are all deserted;
and her priests groan for her desolation.
The City, once thronged with the faithful,
sits in loneliness as if suddenly widowed.
Your temples1 are perishing one after the other
as they search for food to keep life in them
but what they inhale instead of incense is Satan’s smoke.
Where are the domains like a garden?
Where are the blossoming vines
that gave out once, their fragrance?
Why are Your altars broken? 2

peace, My child, peace …. hear Me: the Great Day is near you now, nearer than you think; altar, tell everyone that I will show My Glory and display My Holiness through and through; I will pour out My Spirit without reserve on all mankind; your eyes have seen nothing and your ears have heard nothing yet;

today your hearts are sick and your eyes dim because you are living in darkness and desolation and the Enemy roams to and fro in this desolation;

I, the Lord, will multiply the visions on your young people and many, many more of your sons and daughters shall prophesy, more than now; I will make up for the years of your aridity that led you to apostatise; I shall send My Spirit without reserve to invade My domains and with My Finger I will rebuild My broken altars; and My vines with faded leaves looking now like a garden without water, I shall come to them to irrigate with My Spirit; I will remove the thorns and the brambles choking them, and My vines will yield their fruit; I will do all these things to save you; I will display portents in heaven and on earth as never before; I will increase the visions, I will raise and increase prophets; I then will send you My angels to guide you and I, the Holy One, will live in your midst;

My people are diseased through their disloyalty; they refused the gifts of My Spirit because they trusted in their spirit, not Mine, making treaties with their mind; but now the hour has come, the hour of My Holy Spirit, to glorify My Son’s Body; come, Vassula, I want you zealous; I want you to love Me; so, My child, I will instil in you fervour and a few drops of My burning Love to enliven you with My Flame;

1 We are the temples of God.
2 The three questions concern the soul. Domains, vines, altars, are our soul.