March 1992

(Satan could have easily killed me this morning. While I was dusting a glass-shelf with icons and religious objects on it, it fell, breaking the lower shelf too. I saw big pointed blades falling all around me and all the way out of that room into the entrance hall. When it stopped I waited in silence to see where the blood would trickle. I had nothing; not even a scratch. Normally I should have been sliced from my stomach all the way to my feet.)

(Later on:)

My Vassula, let Me lead you step by step; stay small, My flower, and lean on your Saviour;

I love you, child; Satan desperately tries to lay a hand on you and lame you; 1 not only does he use people to gather false accusations against you, but, in his anger, he will use even the law of nature to turn against you; but I am your Devout Keeper and your Shelter, so do not fear, My Eyes are upon you incessantly; hide always in My Sacred Heart; come, we shall continue to pursue souls for their salvation;

I shall lead you, My beloved, everywhere on earth and wherever I pass through I will leave a trace of the subtlest odours behind Me; I will spread My fragrance of myrrh from soul to soul to ravish their hearts; delight your Saviour, flower, and allow Me to use you progressively; I shall not break you nor will I wrench from you your liberty; let your heart remain captive of My Love, though without tiring of Me; I am your Beloved Companion who have given you a Treasure:

I have given you
the Gift of My Love;

I shall give you My Strength and My Patience; flower, My Spirit rests on you to guide you and remind you of My Teachings, so be generous and offer your time to germinate this earth; have reverence always for Me; am I not your sole Love? am I not the King of Kings? work hard with Me and contrary to what you think, most of your efforts are not futile; My Power gives them a Divinity that reaches their aim; if the Tempter whispers in your ear, telling you that your words are ineffectual, I tell you, My child, do not listen to him;

I shall continue to pour out My Heart on you all and descend untiringly from Heaven to nourish the hungry, satisfying every taste; I shall continue to expose My Sacred Heart and demonstrate My Tenderness towards everyone; whosoever will eat Me and drink Me will be transformed to live a

true Life in Me, your God;

whosoever will turn towards Me will be saved; by just one look at Me and I will transfigure you;

– daughter, remain unnoticed and nothing; remain hidden by your helplessness, by your frailty, so that My Bounty and My Power may spread even more now; the sowing is not finished and the whole world will soon echo with My Voice; daughter, you are very precious to Me and I love you to tears, I love you all to tears; and from Heaven My Lips moistened with Grace bring to all of you My Message of Peace; from all Eternity I have loved you and blessed you; and from your crib I had watched over you and defended you;

I know how misery enwrapped you all to total blindness; seek Me and I shall give you Light; I will give you Life again and make your soul long for all that is Holy; therefore, daughter, continue to seek My Holiness and My Perfection; bless Me and praise Me; sow when I sow, sow abundantly and wherever I take you to sow; soon you shall pass this era’s threshold to enter into an Eternal Peace; endure in the meantime all that I endure, alone you are not, persevere, My child, and remember Who is near you, blessing you;

Love loves you;

1 I understood it spiritually.