February 11, 1992

(Message for New York, USA.)

Vassula, allow Me to use your hand, write:

peace be with you all; children, I tell you solemnly that the Real Light is already on His way of Return; I am telling you this, My Own children, that you may all be ready to receive Me; the night of your era is soon over; understand how sins obscure the light in you; the love of this passing world is vile and could bring in you nothing but darkness; but I tell you,

the night is almost over,

and your tripping or falling is soon coming to an end because the Power of My Holy Spirit will be in full union with you all, to guide you to live:

a True Life in Me, your God;

happy is he who admits the Truth and lives in accordance with the Truth; his room in heaven will not remain void for eternity but will be filled with his presence;

I, Jesus, ask you to offer Me your heart and I shall place it into My Own Sacred Heart and revive it; I shall fragrance your heart and purify it; I shall fill your heart with My Light and My Warmth; I shall imbue your heart with My Love and I shall restore it entirely bringing it back to holiness, and with My Divinity adorn it; – if you only realised what I am offering you, you would not hesitate or waver, to give Me all your heart, but you would listen to Me this time:

seek good and not evil,
pray with love
and do not judge;

soon My Light, like a Fire, will pass through you to cleanse your soul from impurities; I shall enter My cities, 1 and shine in them; it will mean light not darkness; it will be an overflow of Light; your cities2 then will be renewed and holy with My transcendent Light, then …. the New Heavens and the New Earth will come upon you and the world of today will roll away like a scroll; and like flowers that draw their life from light, you too, My beloved ones, will be inundated in My Light to revive;

– can flowers survive without any water? then why do so many of you today refuse the flow of My Holy Spirit and doubt that this Water rising from My Throne3 is coming from Me? have you not read:

“The Throne of God and of the Lamb will be in its place in the city; his servants will worship Him; they will see Him face to face and His Name will be written on their foreheads; It will never be night again and they will not need lamplight or sunlight, because the Lord God will be shining on them;” 4

have you not yet understood? My Spirit is like a River and wherever this River flows, everyone teeming in it, 5 sick, lame, blind, 6 all will be healed and will become witnesses of the Most High; like fruit trees with leaves that never wither and fruit that never fails, 7 you shall all be; you will bear fruit every month because this Water (My Holy Spirit) comes from My Sanctuary8 in which your spirit will make its Abode; I mean to deliver you from the clutches of the Evil one and restore the memory of your soul; I mean to open the hearts of stone, making them utter from henceforth noble praises for Me your God; – generation, do not say:

“My wounds are incurable”

and refuse beforehand to be healed; do not say:

“My Redeemer never listens to me;”

today, your Redeemer says to you: the Tears of Blood I shed over you year after year, generation, testify My grief; I deprive no one of My Mercy, so come to Me, fall into My Arms and you will be healed; do not fear Me, I am an Inexhaustible Source of Love and Forgiveness;

and you, you who say: “My Redeemer never listens to me;” I tell you: I am with you all the time and like a thirsty traveller I thirst for your words of love, I thirst for your prayers; invoke Me with your heart and I will reply;

do not say: “He is hiding His Face from me;” then look on the other side; I am watching every single one of your steps and I never leave you from My Sight; I am with you all the time, but in your obscurity you fail to see Me, in your aridity you do not hear Me; turn your eyes upwards towards Heaven and search for Heavenly things, generation, and you will see My Glory;

it is for you to decide:

My Heart is open for everyone to come and live inside It; be rooted in Me and you shall live;

I bless you all, leaving the Sigh of My Love on your foreheads;

1 That is: our souls.
2 That is: our souls.
6 Spiritually.