December 5, 1991

(For the prisoners of Muntin Lupa – in Manila, Philippines.)

Vassula, peace, My child; say to the prisoners:

– did you not know? have you not heard how Mercy leans all the way to all mankind? here is your God leaning all the way from His Throne to reach you;

– I have come to you –

to tell you of the Great Love I have for each one of you;

I am your God, speaking through My instrument to give you My Message; I have come to speak to you in your heart and console you, My friends; I tell you, the world is nothing before Me, so do not fear the world, come to Me and lean on Me and I shall shepherd you to My everlasting Waters; I shall heal your wounds and dress them; My Eyes never leave you and I tell you, with Me, your table shall always be full; with Me, you will sup, My friends; and when the heavy scourge comes upon you, do not let this confuse you, beloved ones; every time it comes upon you, look at My Wounds that healed you and saved you from Death;

look at Me, your Saviour; do not look to your left nor to your right; follow My Footprints; you will recognise them by the trace of Blood in them; follow them, beloved ones, and they will lead you where I Am;

I bless each one of you, leaving the Sigh of My Love on your foreheads; Love loves you;

(For sister Theresa who takes care of the prisoners, and who transformed the prisoners into devout beings to God.)

I have given them a Rock and, ah! …. how I love this Rock; I, the Lord, bless her and bless her for she has made out of a desert where the vipers nestle,

a productive ground,
a garden where I, the Lord,
can have My rest;