April 7, 1987

(I felt as if the whole guidance is pressing on me, and that I am alone with God’s Word heavily on me, and not having anywhere to unload it, I don’t know what to do? I felt helpless beyond description, and alone, alone with this weight on me.)

Vassula, do I ever abandon you? I am God; lean on Me, trust Me;

I should, yes, but there are times it’s beyond me. I can’t help it. I feel responsible.

My child, have patience, trust in Me, come to Me I will comfort you;

I love you, Father, beyond words.

(I felt how He was so ready to console me.)

I love you daughter;

My sufferings I will make you feel; when My Crucifixion comes nearer, I will come to you leaving you My nails and thorned crown; I will give you My Cross; beloved, share with Me My sufferings; your soul will feel the anguish I had, your hands and feet the excruciating pains I felt; Vassula, I love you and since you are My bride I wish to share all I have with you, believe Me, you will be with Me; Vassula, have no fear for I, Jesus, am with you;

come, you will understand in phases how I work; have My peace; beloved, I have prepared a place for you;