March 8, 1991

daughter, be in peace, I am Love;

little one, I am with you to help you sanctify your life; I speak to every soul through these Messages and through you; I have fed you My Bread, I have fostered you and made you Mine; have I, in all this time, ever been harsh with you? have I been punishing you? so, never doubt of My Love; lean your head on Me and rest, rest your mind on Me, think of no one else but Me; I am He who loves you most; all I ask from you is Love: love Me, adore Me, think of Me; allow Me to be ever present in your heart and mind;

I awakened you from your sleep so that you see My Beauty and that you live with Me; every drop of My Blood made you Mine; I paid for your soul by pouring out My Precious Blood for your salvation; every agony I suffered was with Love, knowing that My Sacrifice would save you; everything I did was for your salvation; My daughter, let all this be clear to you; I am Love and Love continues to save; I have not stopped just there (on My Cross), I continue to call for your salvation; I continue to pursue the sinner; be prepared, therefore, because I shall soon come to fetch you; I, the Lord, love all of you to distraction; love Me, praise Me and be holy; feel Me so that you may remember My Presence; come;