March 1, 1991


(Before the conference and prayer meeting with one day.)

O Yahweh,
You are my God, blessed be Your Name;
You have carried out Your Plan
and brought me here, in this land
to witness and give You Glory.
Open my mouth in Your Assembly to only glorify You.

I shall; I the Lord bless you; listen to Me: prophesy to them, rely on My massive Strength, every achievement comes from Me and not from you; – I set fire and water before every soul and I let them choose; I shall never violate man’s liberty, never …

I allow man to choose and I want them to know how I delight when they choose what is right; nevertheless, I shall always pursue the sinner to give up sinning; I shall always go in all directions to conquer him; and every time he falls I shall be there to lift him; I shall not push him away or reprove him; his enemies might rejoice, but I, I will only have tears in My Eyes and I will ask him to thrust himself into My Arms; and if he does I will then ask him if he would allow Me to inhabit him; if he accepts I shall then make out of his soul My Possession and in this Territory I shall pitch My Tent (in him) and from thereon I shall encircle My Property with My Love to make sure that no intruders will trespass into what I have just made Mine and forever; happy the man who keeps house with Me, he shall gain Knowledge and enter into everlasting Life;