January 6, 1991


(While in the Orthodox Church I said to Jesus: “I wish I could have had a voice to have been able to sing to You in the church choir.” – Jesus answered: “sing to Me with your heart; I rejoice much more to hear your heart sing to Me;”)

(Later on my eyes were wandering all over the icons and the frescoes on the walls. I was thinking: “Wow! Look at all this great Holy Family and that one day we will make part of it. Angels, saints, our Holy Mother, and the Holy Trinity. What a wonderful Holy Family!” And my soul longed to be with them already, to be part of the family and be in constant adoration to the Holy Trinity.)

O God!
let me be part of this Celestial Family!
So pray for me Holy Angels,
pray for me to be with you in heaven one day
and join you together with the saints,
in a constant adoration to the Holy One.
Pray for me, saints of the Most High,
to learn to love God to perfection.

O sweet Holy Mother
intercede for me and teach me
to be submissive to my Father and obedient,
that I may do His Will.

O Holy Trinity,
Source of Sublime Love,
Fountain of Inexhaustible Tenderness,
come and teach me to be intimate with You,
uniting me in Your Spirit of Love.
O make me ready for this Hour
because the night is almost over
and the real Light is soon to come.

Holy Father,
I pray not only for myself,
but for all mankind too;
Since we are all Your children,
I pray and ask You to look upon us with Mercy,
Eternal Father, teach us to love one another,
so that we may do Your Holy Will,
and be rightfully called Your children.

beloved child, I Am who I Am, it is with full Compassion and with great Force that My Kindness and My Love are now being revealed to you all;

I am revealing you My Holy Face without reserve to purify a people who cannot tell their right hand from their left, and who live in profound darkness and wickedness; your Abba is calling you without cease;

I am Love; if only you would listen to Me today …

Lord Jesus Christ,
Beloved Son of God, Sacred Heart,
Blessed be Your Name, Sacred Heart,
help us to carry our crosses in this world
and be submissive to the Father
as You were submissive and obedient to the Father
till the end.

I, the Lord Jesus, bless you; I am the Word and the Word was given to you and made His Home in you, so sanctify yourselves that the Word may come and live in you,

O Holy Spirit of Truth
descend upon us
and be our Guide and Holy Companion,
Holy Spirit of Love,
come upon us
and teach us to be in the real Love of God.
Remind us of the True Knowledge,
this knowledge the Father had given us
but that we lost because of our sins,
Holy Spirit of Peace, give us Your Peace,
a Peace the world cannot give;
make out of each one of us vessels of Light
and “peacemakers, so that when we work for Peace,
we will be able to sow seeds
which will bear fruit in holiness.” 1

beloved, I tell you solemnly that I, the Holy Spirit of Truth, provide you day and night, night and day with considerable graces to help you all on your way to perfection; since I am your Life, allow Me to direct you and be your Guide in this exile you are living in; I can be your Oasis in your wilderness; O how little do you know Me, creation!

you spend your whole lifetime, creation, seeking your happiness in futile things, when I, Omnipresent, offer you: Love, Joy, Peace and Freedom to free you from the dungeons of Evil; My Graces are multiple, yet, you are unaware of My Presence and of how many graces your spirit can obtain from Me; I ask from My faithful ones prayers, for the salvation of souls; all will vanish one day, all will wear out like a garment, but your soul remains forever;

the Harvest is ready and soon the Reaper shall come and reap His Harvest; be prepared for the Reaper;