December 18, 1990

(I feel in me that I am entering another phase of my life in God, like a student, going to a higher class which will require harder work …)


I Am;
take My Hand and say with Me this prayer:

“Father, take all I have; amen;”

offer the Father everything and you shall be saved; do not fear Him; abandon yourself to Him; Vassula, allow Me to breathe in you; be confident for I am with you;

read Isaiah 55; Vassula, add these lines to My Message given for the meeting;

I am coming to you today to tell you how complete My joy is; since I am the One you are looking for and you have come from far to hear Me, I tell you, My very beloved ones: I, your God, am smiling on you; remain in My Love; pray for Peace and be witnesses of the Truth;

I, God, am with you and bless you;