December 10, 1990

God! How You make me suffer from Your Love! How You make me suffer for thirst of You!

daughter, how would you like to live in My Wounds?

I would like anything You like me to have.

then I shall robe you in holiness; I shall make you strong in your love for Me to last forever; although you are still far from being perfect, I can make you perfect; I have formed you in this particular way to witness for the Truth and glorify Me; I have sent you to a people not your own to proclaim My Love; those who want to hear, let them hear, and those who do not want to hear, let them not hear; tire not of meditating and writing; bereft you must not feel; I am with you, by your side, in this exile;

love Me, adore Me and live for Me, your Lord; allow Me and leave Me free to envelop you into My Infinite Love; ah … how I delight when you desire Me and thirst for Me! Born-Again! 1 worship Me! surely you will not make the Bridegroom wait too long? come quickly to your Holy One and He will place your head on His Sacred Heart, and when you will listen to His Heartbeats, you will no longer resist Him; you would only desire to glorify Him; and He will pour out His Spirit on you to invade your spirit and annihilate all that is you; never again shall you be “you”, your “you” shall be no more;

I shall invade you, little one, completely so that your motives will be My Motives, your desires shall be My Desires, your words shall be My Words, your thoughts, My Thoughts; and I shall hide you in the deepest place of My Sacred Heart; I shall efface your “you” altogether, if you allow Me;

from now on after your consecration2 to My Sacred Heart, you will worship Me from the depths of your heart and serve Me with a Fire inside you; you will serve Me in fidelity and more fervently than ever before; weak, you are, but My Strength shall sustain you; I will not allow you to lose sight of Me, nor will I allow your heart to flutter elsewhere; your heart will look for Me alone and desire Me alone without cease; I shall make you dislike all that is contrary to My Holiness and to My Will; I shall sift you through to make sure that not one rival remains within you;

from today, the bonds I have enlaced you with shall be tightened even more now by Me; I shall make your soul thirst for Me and your heart sick with love for Me, your God; I am only waiting now to consume your whole being with the Flames of My Heart and My Love; whatever you do from now on will be done merely for My Interests and My Glory, and nothing for you; you shall from now on, in other words, be the slave of My Love, the victim of My Heart and the benefit of My pleasures, the toy of My Soul; I shall make your traits resemble Mine, from the sorrows when you see the deafness of souls, and the agony to see them fall; My Vassula, I shall give your soul its fill; no, I shall not spare you from My Cross, like the Father had not spared Me; how can I?

My Affection for you is unmeasurable; besides, everything comes out of My Generosity and my Infinite Love; I shall arrest your eyes, your thoughts, your desires to become captives of My Heart; Love is seeking love; unworthy you are, and you deserve nothing, but your frailty, your misery, your total incapacity and your nothingness besieged My Affection and retracted My Wrath; look at Me in the Eyes …

(I looked into My Saviour’s Eyes.)

see? you have seen Fidelity and Truth face to face; henceforth, your consecration must be loyal, invoking My Name day and night, night and day; I shall make your spirit repulse all that is not Me; like a thirsty traveller, you will thirst for all that is Holy, but I shall be always ready to offer you water from the Springs of Life and Blood from My Divine Heart; your soul shall bear, more than ever before, the Marks of My Body, for the conversion of many souls; this is why you shall voluntarily take the road to Calvary; I shall develop your zeal to please Me furthermore and observe My Law, so that you build up and plant all that I have given you…

rise now and restore My House; do not stop loving Me, otherwise you will wither as quick as grass and fade away; and remember one major thing: Love loves you;

Praised be the Lord! Glory be to God!

like clay in the hands of a potter I shall mould you as I please since you have given Me the liberty to do so, and your will;

Praised be the Lord!
You have asked me to be the slave of Your Love;
since I am not worthy to be Your slave, the slave of God,
lead me into Your purifying Fire and refine me, my King,
as gold is refined
so that I am able to glorify You,
for I am only committing sin after sin.
Out of pity, Lord, allow Your Light to shine in my darkness.

Teach me to be the victim of Your Heart,
and embrace Your Cross ardently and not with consternation,
while on the road to Calvary,
this road that leads to happiness since it’s The Path of Holiness
and one which You, as the Perfect Victim, first trod on.
I am constantly sinning,
yet You do not punish me as my sin deserves,
You are sparing me without cease,
and You allow Your Light to be in me;
this is why I know that: God is on my side.

Now I must fulfil the vows I made You
in the consecration to Your Sacred Heart;
allow me to stay in Your Tent forever,
allow me to cling on You and gaze on Your Holy Face
and I will bless You all my life,
and my soul will feast in Your Love and in Your Presence.

pupil! rejoice then in My Tent, and worship Me; remember, I have given you something very precious, guard it and embrace it with love; My Cross will guide you into holiness, little soul;

I give you My Peace;

I bless You, Jesus.

the One who loves you most, blesses you;

1 Jesus called me by that name.
2 I had an act of consecration to the Sacred Heart that I intend to do this evening.