August, 1990

(St Nectarios Monastery)

My Lord, Holy Spirit of Truth,
I know it is not by coincidence I am here.
Holy Spirit of Truth,
You who guided me and guide me,
what am I to say to these two nuns
who live here, what am I to do for them?
Please speak to me from Scriptures first.
I know You shall not fail me.

(I open then the Bible at random and my eyes fall on Rm. 16:1-2.)

I commend to you our sister, a deaconess of My church; give her and her companion, in union with Me, a welcome worthy of saints, and help her with anything she needs: she has looked (with her companion, by their prayers, their praises to Me, their penitences, mortifications and sacrifices) after a great many souls;

(Then Jesus turned His Head away, looking in space and, as though He was talking alone, as if He was talking in place of the two nuns, He said:)

I have worked and laboured, often without sleep; I have been hungry and thirsty and often starving for lack of love; I have been in the cold for lack of love, so you who read Me, will you look after Me? after My lambs? do not say: do not bother me, I cannot go out there and give it to You!

(Then Jesus again continued like in the beginning of this message.)

today, I am telling you who read Me, that My blessings are given to anyone that meets with the needs of this House; for all that you do, even the least, you are doing it to Me; be blessed, then, you who will hear Me and do My Father’s Will; anyone therefore that will meet with the needs of this house shall be greatly rewarded by My Father in Heaven; be on your guard though from these that will encourage any difficulties and trouble; avoid them; do everything in constancy with the Peace I am giving you;

do everything in love for the sake of Love; all I ask is Love; remember always this;



I am; My Vassula, are you happy to be with Me in this way?

O yes, Lord. Praised be Your Name.

pray more; this is My advice; I am in constant wait for your prayers; I am blessing you incessantly;

(Jesus then asked me to open the Holy Bible at random and write what He will show me.)

you should be awake and praying not to be put to the test;

(This was from Mt. 26:41.)

I need Your massive Strength.

hear Me: pray; do not sleep;

Can I look in meditation on You?


(I prayed.)

pray once again to Me;

Synchronise my spirit
with Your Spirit.

(Jesus quickly gave me the start of my prayer, the prayer He wanted; I think He dictated it to me.)

My child, My beloved, what will I not do for you … I have reared you and realise to whom you belong to now; be happy!

I am more than happy.

then show it! I shall open your mouth and you will speak, 1

Catch the foxes for us,
those that make havoc of Your Vineyards
that are flowering now.

a Glorious Throne is descending now very soon; I will lay their2 hiding places bare and their race shall be annihilated, extinguished; the time of reckoning is soon over, just wait and see … I intend to refresh the earth with rich food and have My remnant full of My good things; I love you with an everlasting love and I am constant in My affection for you; allow Me, you who read Me, to discipline you; and if you accept My discipline I will bring you back to Me; I shall adopt you and teach you My Law; like a child comforted by his mother will I comfort you;

Love desires love; Vassula, please Me and pray the Credo looking at Me;

Yes, my Lord.

I am listening;

(I prayed.)

good! come, we, us?

Yes Lord; we, us.

1 I suddenly blurted out these words:
2 The foxes: freemasons.