July 31, 1990

My Lord, revive me as Your Word guaranteed.
Take away this spirit of lethargy that lies on me.
For how long will I have this spirit?
Instil a constant spirit of fervour in me,
do not deprive me of Your Holy Spirit!

Vassula, I am only waiting to be gracious to you, raise you and place you in My Sacred Heart; if only you were alert to My Precepts, your spirit would have been in constancy with My Spirit; you complain, you groan, yet My Sacred Heart overflows with Love and Pity for you, soul! put in action all that I have given you!

remember My Presence, make an effort! keep your distance from all that is not Me, keep your eyes fixed on Me and Me only; a vessel of My Word you are, but do not drift away with the first current! I have called you and wed you, making you Mine; should you pass through these currents, I am with you, or through hurricanes, these will not uproot you; should you walk in a nest of vipers, you will not be bitten; I have made your path easy; I will lift you every time you come upon thorns and briars; I realise your weakness and your astounding incapacity, this is why My forbearance is great upon you; so do not venture to say: “where is Your Spirit?” My Spirit is always with you, My child;

listen, do not be impatient in prayer … do not say: “God will consider my weakness, He is All-Merciful”, then go on sinning; open your ears instead and listen willingly to all My discourses and I shall give you My Light to understand even shrewd proverbs, for I am with you to save you…

Make my heart ready, dear Lord,
to praise You in constancy.
I am surrounded by temptations
that make me forget Your Presence.

see now? now you are coming back to your senses … you are beginning to realise in what a wretched state your soul is in; a light has shone in you; rejoice soul! rejoice! for if I was not standing by you, you would not be standing at all; pay attention from now on, and never let your heart sink, always come to Me for help; this, My Vassula, is not your last fall; I the Lord will lift you every time you fall with greater compassion and love every time;

bless Me now and love Me;

I bless You, Lord,
You who fostered me, father-like;
if my feet wander away from Your Rightful path again,
come quickly to my rescue.

rely on My massive Strength, rely on My Love; come more than once to Me today; Love is near you; I bless you;

(Later on, the same day.)

(I commented about something, it sounded like bragging.)

daughter, consider My Work upon you, do not claim to know; man does not know what love is unless I give it to him; not even a sage can discover it, though he might claim to know; I give an order from above and My Word flashes to earth, I send My Word to bring the thaw and warmth on icy hearts; elevate your spirit and seek My Spirit of Discernment; I shall in spite of your faults stand by you to enable you to proclaim this whole message for everyone to hear;