November 14, 1989

My Lord? I want a bigger faith, I need it.

My Vassula, never demand, ask; realise My Infinite Mercy and Love, so say these words:

“my Saviour,
augment my love,
augment my faith,
augment my hope,
let all this be done
according to Your Divine Will;

do not be in a hurry, you seem to be always in a hurry, why? 1 I am listening, but you seem to think that I shall leave and so you hurry, why? do not rush; I hear you as much as when I am with you in this special way; reduce your speed and meditate on each word of prayer; why the rush? I am your Educator and you My pupil; I have taught you to discern, I am your Teacher who formed you; I will now and then remind you when you tend to forget My precepts and shall continue to pour in you abundant revelations;

come, let us work;

November 15, 1989

(Just before I rest, 2 I asked Jesus to give me just one more word, but from the Scriptures. I opened at random after asking Him and Jesus said to me through Scripture:)

“I still have many things to say to you but they would be too much for you now;” 3

(In saying this to me, I noticed a trace of Saintly Humour …)

1 I sometimes get tempted to hurry up my prayers so as to come quickly to the notebooks and be with Jesus in ‘writing’.
2 I use the word ‘rest’ instead of ‘sleep’. I became allergic to the word ‘sleep’, because I was sleeping for years before Jesus came to wake me up.