August 29, 1989

Make my heart ready, Lord, to hear Your Word.
I pray to You, Lord of Love, Lord of Mercy,
in Your great Love answer me,
God, shine on me and revive me with Your Light!

I am the Lord of the Harvest and since you have asked for labourers to reap this rich Harvest, I shall send you those helpers; come nearer to Me now, approach;

1 I Am The Resurrection and The Life and I promise you that the Day of Devotion is not far now; your dead will come to life again and all who still lie underground and buried by their sins I will raise to life again; I will enlarge My Kingdom and I will restore your lands which lie now barren and deplorable to look at; I shall repeat those Words from Scriptures: “does a woman forget her baby at the breast, or fail to cherish the son of her womb? yet even if these forget, I will never forget you;” 2

I am preparing you a New Heaven and a New Earth, and Love shall return to you and live among your remnant as love; and all these corpses you meet at each street-corner, I shall resurrect;

and like the wind, I shall blow your shepherds back to New Pastures and with their shepherd’s crook they will lead My flock to pasture as in the days of old; for even though their wickedness entered into My Own House and have deceived many and even though their sins made godlessness spread throughout the land, I am ready to forgive and forget and My anger would turn aside and would be as though it never existed, if even today they would recognise their fault;

but, still to this day, My Sacred Heart is broken from the lack of love and by the immense number of your era’s sins, sins that have pierced My Heart and blushed Heaven, sins that defiled My Sanctuary and profaned My Holy Name; yet, if you only knew how I am ready to forgive your era’s crimes by just one kind look at Me, a moment’s regret, a sigh of hesitation, a slight reconsideration; a smile at My Holy Face and I shall forgive and forget, I shall not even look at My Wounds; I will efface from My sight all your iniquities and sins had you one mere moment of regret, and all Heaven would celebrate at your gesture, for your smile and your kind look will be received like incense by Me, and that slight moment of regret will be heard like a new song by Me;

today I descend upon you, full of Mercy, to redeem you for the sake of My Love; My Holy Spirit of Grace will be like mist and will cover this earth; I tell you most solemnly that I shall multiply My Graces upon you, My Word shall be revealed and heard by many, and I shall multiply your visions, so all those who ignore My Holy Spirit of Grace and try to suppress It will be only kicking against a goad; all their efforts will be in vain for I, the Lord, mean to resurrect you and cultivate this desert you are living in and make an oasis out of your deceiving mirages;

I, your God, stand before you and ask those who still suppress My Holy Spirit this: how is it that you cannot tell The Times? how is it that you have decided to leave My Signs and My Wonders unacknowledged? why are you repeatedly muffling My Voice and repeatedly persecuting My prophets? why are you fearing and ever so eager to extinguish the little flame you see that lights your darkness? why do you rush to trample and annihilate every flower that grows with My Grace in your wilderness and aridity? how is it that you want Me your God silent and dead? let Me tell you then and remind you Who I Am:

I Am The Word and Alive
I shall Act

while I was on earth, I had multiplied My Bread and My Fishes and fed multitudes, and when Moses crossed the desert with thousands, and had nothing to eat, the Stores of Heaven opened and fed them all with manna;

and so it is today, since the earth lies in desolation and cannot produce sufficient Bread to feed you, I, with My Spirit of Grace, shall multiply My Bread to nourish you, beloved ones, you who are starved and neglected; in your days, this is called: The effusion of My Holy Spirit; you will be nourished directly by Me, for I mean to keep multiplying My Bread and leave no one hungry; woe to those who try and prevent My children from coming to Me in these times of Grace! so open your heart, you who still doubt, not your mind;

My teachings are sound and healing; do not fear, believe in simplicity of heart; do not judge and abuse My angels sent by Me with My Spirit; not even the Archangel Michael when he was engaged in argument with the devil about the corpse of Moses, dared to denounce him in the language of abuse, all he said was: “let the Lord correct you”; 3

hope in Me, have Faith and Love Me; live Holy for I am Holy; fast and repair, repent, and offer Me your abandonment daily to Me; abandon yourselves into My Hands and I shall make out of you living columns of light; pray without ceasing, pray with your heart; receive Me4 in purity and My graces shall pour upon you, come at adoration time and adore Me, confess your so many sins; please Me your God and walk with Me; follow My precepts and do not look left or right; be perfect! be My Heaven!

O creation, if you only knew how I, your God, love you, you would not hesitate to follow Me in My Footprints! why look elsewhere for consolation? My Sacred Heart is the balm to your wounds, My Sacred Heart is your Home; My Eyes are upon you all;

I bless each one of you; I bless your families; I bless all those who read this Message, leaving My Sigh of Love upon your forehead, Love loves you all;

be one;

Thank You my Lord. I bless You.

1 Message for the prayer meeting.

2 Is. 49:15.

3 Jude 9.

4 Holy Eucharist.