August 28, 1989

My Lord please give me Your response to this question, from Scriptures. How do You wish Your Message transmitted, since You have chosen Your servant for this work already. Do You wish it to be parted or given whole as You have dictated it to me?

(Answer in Mk. 4:21-23.)

My Vassula, My Word is like a lamp to give light and shine so that every soul may see Me, feel Me and return to Me; see? I wish to remove this darkness which lies heavily in this world; I am giving you My Lamp so that you place It on a lampstand and not under your beds;

Thank You, my Lord Jesus.

come, flower, I bless the house that received you and bless My children; I love them infinitely; I shall never ever abandon them; carry My Cross too on your shoulders; share My Cross too; will you do this for Me?

Love loves you;