July 30, 1989


(Today’s reading was from Col. 2:1-15. This was after I had met a man belonging to the Penticostians. He said that all the messages were beautiful but that surely the devil intervened taking Our Mother’s name! He said that the demon will be the one who will unite the Churches! It’s amazing how Satan can mislead good people…)


I am; have My Peace, My Peace is yours;

truly do not get deceived by rational philosophy and unsound teachings, fulfil your mission for My Glory and repeat all these things I have been teaching you; I am Wisdom and your Educator, from My Own Lips you are learning, repeat after Me these words:

Lord, take me in soul, take me in spirit,
my Lord Jesus, take my heart, all is Yours,
Your Love is better than life itself;
I put my hope in You;

little one, Love will remain always near you; will you remember always who is your Redeemer?

heaven is mourning all day and all night long for these heresies that infiltrated into My Body, heresies that are devouring My Body; like cancer they develop inside My Body; their yeast has infiltrated into My Bread … I tell you most solemnly that these people will bear the weight of their faults and the fault of those following them; this will be as grave as the faults of their ancestors who worshipped Baal;

flower, remember My Holy Presence; My Eyes never detach from you; come, we, us?