June 14, 1989


I am; My Will is to improve you; is it yours too?

Yes, my Lord, it is, but my surroundings are difficult.

accept your surrounding and all that I have given you; My Will is to have you near Me, leaning on Me and no one else; I am your Master and I am your Spiritual Director;

My Vassula, allow Me to read you a passage from My Word;

(Jesus made me open the Holy Bible on Ecclesiasticus (the Book of Sirach) 4:11-22: Wisdom as Educator. I had opened at random.)

see? I am Wisdom and I am your Educator;

Lord, verse 19 bothers me.

that means if you refuse Me totally, but do not worry, I will lift you every time you are bound to fall; I have you placed in a special part of My Sacred Heart, My Vassula; allow Me to educate you fully; Love loves you, I am pleased every time you remember Me; will you meditate upon all of this?

have My Peace;

My God, how is all of this possible, God talking to me?

I Am; flower, be with Me;

Glory be to God.