March 8, 1989


I am; I have guided you to read Jonah because I want you and My children to understand that I can always relent the Punishment I have in store for your evil generation; I do not wish My Cup of Justice to brim over as It does now and so I tell you: repent, fast and be holy!


I am;

Lord, some are fasting, repenting and trying. Is it enough? Are we not on the right road?

(I had the impression that we are slightly better these few years and on the right road.)

My Vassula, many are on the road to perdition, because of the evil that has accumulated in them; they are like night in their insides; so how can you say that this generation is on the right road ?

What can we do to let everyone know that we are at the brink of a disaster? Some have no idea!

so long as My Spirit is crushed, and so long as My Own muffle My Warnings, suppressing My Spirit, treating the prophecies with contempt, and taking almost a delight to announce that the apparitions of Our Presence are untrue, I will not bear it any longer; My Justice will prevail … today still, I am coming to you as a most Merciful Friend, but tomorrow I shall descend to you as a severe Judge; My Spirit they suppress, they ridicule My Blessings; these are the Cains of today;

I love you all to folly, remember always this; I will relent My Justice only when tremendous reparations will be done,

Love loves you; here is Saint Michael:

child of God, nothing is impossible to God;

tremendous reparations are to be done; if your generation converts, the Holy of Holies will relent His Punishment; let those who have ears hear, for His Mercy reaches from age to age for those who fear Him; be alert, never cease amending; those that mock you now, will grind their teeth later on; I, Saint Michael, pray without ceasing for this evil generation;

pray, child, and obey the Lord; praise the Lord for the outpouring of His Spirit among you all;

St. Michael, thank you.

peace to you;


Yes, Lord?

add this: how could My Own pray with peace the apostles’ Creed and say, “I believe in the Holy Spirit”, when most of them reject the works of My Spirit, deny It and crush It? I tell you truly, I find no holiness in them; when, in this darkness, they spot from afar a little flame, they come upon it like a gale, to blow it away so that they continue their evil works in darkness and thus not be exposed to light; no, Vassula, they do not seem to want to live in the Light;

I adore You Lord, my Light, Light of the world. 1

come, you rejoice Me; one day, My child, you will only see but Light, just Light! never be discouraged, for I am with you till the end;

Thank you Lord Jesus. Be blessed. Praised be the Lord.

1 While I was writing “Light of this World”, I hesitated, rubbed out “this” and replaced it by “the”, thinking that this actual world of ours reigns in obscurity. I made Jesus smile.