January 17, 1989

(I feel I’m slipping back, so I prayed to Jesus to lift me and remind me of the meditations He taught me to discern Him and hear His Voice.)


I am;

flower, I will remind you how to meditate and how to hear Me; I, who am The Word, will inspire you and instruct you with Wisdom; open, open up and allow My Spirit to fill you; yes, meditate, how else could you reach Me? lift your soul to Me in silence, with faith; offer Me, your Father, your will and I, who know your needs, will guide you and feed you; so, work, little one, work harder;

Lord, I am trying to.

please Me by talking with Me; pray to Me, pray, pray, all I ask are prayers;

Is writing with You a form of prayer too, Lord?

yes, because you are in conversation with Me, your God Almighty; I am pleased when I am with you, for what greater is there, than being in constant link with Me your God? I am now united to you, I and you, you and I, together in union of love;

ah Vassula, peace, My child; how could you imagine that you could have written all these Messages on your own? I have indeed hidden My Face for just some time, to make you feel and understand how you are unable to write one word of Knowledge without Me; I am the Revelation Who speaks, Who offers, Who instructs, Who reveals, Who resurrects and Who feeds godless people;

My Vassula, are you happy with Me? are you happy to know to whom you belong? I am God, the Living God, your Creator; I am Love, I am your Father who speaks to you now, I am the Most Holy Trinity; devote yourself to Me;

although you are absolutely nothing, I have pursued you, like a lover pursuing his maiden; I have convinced you to love Me, and share My Works; little do I care for what you are not, I suffice by Myself, but I delight to have you in My Light, I delight to have you in My Hall, I delight to nourish you and flourish you; My child, do you understand? grieve Me not; 1 abbas are always close to their children; be intimate with Me, always, yet never forget My Holiness; I love you and I want you to love Me in holiness;

respect My Law; by respecting It, you will be respecting Me; love My Law; for in loving It, you love Me too; follow My Law; by following It, you will be following Me; My Law will lead you to Me in My House, which is your Home too;

have faith in Me for My Power is Great, we us?

For eternity, Lord.

praise Me;

Lord, find me in the Scriptures a Chapter of Praise to read to You.

I will, open the Holy Bible;

(I did. It was the Book of Daniel 3:52-90 so I read to the Lord these verses. It pleased Him.)

(Message for the prayer group. Written for February 17.)

peace be with you; My Word is Light; My Word is Peace and Love; My Word is Unity and Hope; come to Me and read My Word more often;

beloved ones, it is I, Jesus, the Merciful One, Jesus your Saviour, who descends through this weak instrument to engrave on her My Words; out of My Infinite Love and My Superabundant Mercy, I descend in this darkness, I descend in this desert and in this aridity to pour out My Spirit on you; creation! I descend to irrigate this dry soil and make rivers out of this thirsty earth; I descend to pour on you, like morning dew, My Blessings; I come to dispel all this evil and uproot iniquity, replacing them with Peace and Love; today, My Lips are parched with thirst of love, I need love from you, I am thirsty for love, I am thirsty for love … how My Sacred Heart desires you to learn to love Me! how I desire you to attain one day love’s zenith and hear you cry out: “Abba!” then … only then, My Wounds will begin to heal …

how I desire that My priests draw from My Infinite Love, to fill up their heart! My love for them is Great, so Great that not until they are in Heaven, will they be able to understand Its fullness; Devotion should be their Banner, Fidelity their Torch, Purity their Festal Gown, and Love their Emblem; so that My lambs may recognise Me in them and see clearly My Image; My shepherds, I want them pure, so that in their pureness their fruit will be whole;

rejoice My Sacred Heart and obey fully My Commandments; to love, is to follow My Commandments; love one another, O children of My Light, live My Words, live My Words … take My Peace and let It be in you, take My Love and let It fill you; I will renew you entirely if you open yourselves to Me; trust Me, come to Me and I shall make a new nation out of you, a pure nation! live My Messages, meditate on My Message;

come to Me with love, follow My footprints which will lead you to Me, in My House which is your House too; do not be shy, even in your imperfection, I will open My arms to you; even though your love may be tepid, fall into My arms and I, who am Master of Love, will teach you to love Me and to love one another;

come to Me, even those who do not love Me, I have forgiven you; come, and I will heal you; blessed are you all, who believe and yet have not seen; blessed are My little souls, for on such, I have a love of predilection; stay small and simple, never try to be something; stay small, so that you may creep in the depths of My Sacred Heart; be like little children with a child-like Faith, for this is what pleases My Father;

never cease praying; please Me and pray with your heart; I wish you to pray for unity, the Unity of My Body, I wish you to pray for the Pope and the Patriarch; I wish you to pray for all the priests, pray that the sheep who are not under the guidance of Peter, return to Peter and reconcile; pray that there be one Fold under one shepherd; pray for Peace, Unity and a greater love among you; pray that you may praise Me around one tabernacle; unite, beloved ones, and be one, just like the Father and I are One and the same;

I bless you all;

1 Because of the familiarity and intimacy I very briefly had suddenly doubts coming upon me, wondering if it was God speaking. This hurt Him.