December 27, 1988


I am!

ah, all I ask from you is love; glorify Me by distributing My Message; show My Love in the meetings, Vassula, do not look over My shoulder, 1 to what comes next; look what today is offering you;

Lord, is it wrong to plan?

I have said not to worry about tomorrow; do not worry, trust Me; I wish you would understand, that by leaving Me space to breathe in you, I would feel free to do My Work, I wish you would understand fully one day, that all you have comes from Me and is My Work and not yours; without Me, you are unable to even wink your eyes, so abandon yourself to Me; do not let your subjectivity deceive you; I love you and I will not see you fall;

desire Me and nothing else; accept what you have and all that I give you; do not listen to people’s gossip; rely on Me, for this is My Work; subjectivity will always guide you wrong; let things happen as though they are happening by themselves, this is the way I work; do not ‘push’ things, events; by ‘pushing’ you are also pushing Me away; so stay and remain nothing, let everything come from Me;

Lord, how can I know the difference between ‘inspiration’ and ‘subjectivity’. It’s difficult.

beloved, I will tell you this: every step you want to take, come first to Me; come and consult Me, pray to the Holy Spirit of Counsel and Advice; and I mean every step, everything you want to undertake, come to Me first, I will guide you; never ever plan on your own;

Vassula, pray for discernment; do not hurry, I have laid down My Plans long before you were born; daughter, I have commissioned you to declare and transmit My Message to the world, but do remember that, I do not ask you to convince them; let those who have ears, hear; so remember, flower, all My instructions;

we, us?

Yes, My Lord.

1 Worrying about the next meeting.