December 28, 1988

(This is a message for the group.)

I am the Lord;

My flowers, be in Peace, for I, your Lord, am Peace; My beloved creation, how I love you! you are precious to Me; you whom I named flowers, grow, grow in My Divine Light; pray for your brothers who yet, have not seen My Light; pray for their conversion;

flowers! I intend to irrigate you; yes! My rivulet will grow into a river and My river will grow into an ocean of Peace and Love; I have said that I shall send My Light far and wide and that “I shall pour out teaching like prophecy as a legacy to all future generations;” 1 I am your Consoler and He who loves you most;

flowers, I know you are living in a period of obscurity, whereupon this obscurity only brings sufferings, calamities and aridity; it had been said that in these times, many would lose the sense of the Divine and would live in their own way, and would be unable to tell good from evil;

flowers, when a soul fills herself with materialism and clings to what the world has to offer her, then, she has allowed herself to be filled with Obscurity, thus leaving no space for Holiness, no space for My Spirit to grow in her, no space for The Truth, and no space for My Light; she lives in obscurity; this is why most of this young generation lacks spirituality and refuses to hear My Word and acknowledge Me as God; they are after degrading passions, since they have given up the Divine Truth and are after material objects;

I know, My flowers, how many of you suffer to see one of your own walking in this obscurity and being in constant deep sleep! but I tell you that I, the Lord, am outside their door; I will always be there, knocking, until they hear Me; I will never weary knocking, and I will never abandon them, ever! I love you all with an everlasting love, this love so misunderstood!

come to Me with all your problems, offer them to Me and rest; come and lean on Me; I am your Consoler and I will console you, giving you My Peace; come to your Gentle Saviour, and I will heal your wounds; never weary of invoking Me and praying to Me; I am always with you; I love you and bless each one of you, I bless all your family;

(Later on, our Holy Mother:)

children, approach Jesus, He calls you all from His Cross; please Jesus by loving each other as much as He loves you; for the whole Law is summarised in a single command: “Love your neighbour as yourself;” 2

find Peace and Love in His Heart, take His Peace and Love and spread It among you; imbue the entire world with His Divine Love; fill your soul with this joy that My Son is offering you;

little ones, pray, pray, and converse with God, have a constant link with your Father in Heaven; pray with fervour, let your prayers reach Him; pray with love, let Him feel your prayers;

O children, how I love you! I am always with you, I am now here, with you, and I will be with you when you will leave this place and with you when you enter your homes; We are always Present and forever will be;

I bless you all in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit;

we, us;

(The Lord asked me to read in His meeting Galatians 5 and 6, which I will.)