December 21, 1988

Lord, it must probably sadden You when some people misunderstand Your Love in Your Message and compare it with sentimental love!

(I had heard some remarks, one or two, from certain people.)


I am;

My love in this era is not appreciated or understood; you know how much I love My children, 1 I love them to folly! but the sins of your era are so grave and so great that it does not recognise Me, your God, any longer! have they forgotten the ransom I have paid for them; I was humiliated, tormented, tortured and willingly suffered a most painful death, all out of love; how then, could I not repeat Myself, telling you millions of times how much I love you? and of trying to make you understand Its depths and Its greatness, I am repeating Myself and I will keep repeating Myself until My Words penetrate in your heart! even now I am ready to repeat My Passion, unsparingly;

O creation! how much suffering you give Me! My Love for you is Infinite; try and understand this Love;

1 Jesus in saying this turned to me and faced me.