October 25, 1988

My Lord?

I am;

daughter! rejoice! for I have loved you since all eternity, a love you can never understand! a love of predilection; I created you to delight My Soul and fill My Heart with your love; I have created you to appease My anger and soothe My Wounds with your tears; I have created you to rest Me when I am weary and to talk to Me when I am forgotten; I love you to folly! beloved, I have chosen you to know My Sacred Heart’s desires, I have chosen you to share all that I have;

be My child of Light; I am He who loves you most and I am He who bless you most; My jealous love I have for you will enflame your little heart into a torch of light, so that, in your turn, will enflame other hearts too to love Me; be My altar burning with My love; spread this flame and enliven even the stones into devoted followers of Mine; make no difference of colour or of creed, you are all made to My Image and My Sacrifice was made for the entire Nations; be one under My Holy Name;

I love you creation to folly! revive creation! believe in My Presence among you, allow Me to enter your heart so that I may heal you all;

flower, desire Me, respect My Law and please Me; place Me as first and above all things; detest all that is earthly; tremendous reparations have to be done to substitute all evil done in this world, amend for others; Vassula, I will not forsake you ever; My teachings have led you to Me, I and you, you and I, bonded for all eternity, have My Peace;