October 23, 1988

My child, do you realise how I favoured you?

Vassula, glorify Me by desiring Me,1 be thirsty for Me, like a flower needing water…

already you are closer to Me; 2 yes! I am counting eagerly the days; see Me with your mind, see Me with your heart, see Me with your soul; I have given you the charisma to discern Me, so use it; see Me and smile to Me, smile at Me with love; amend for those souls who never smile to Me but come to Me only for their interests;

we, us?

Yes, Lord; we, us.

1 To desire God is also to glorify Him. Should you not desire Him while you are on earth, you will learn to desire Him in Purgatory; in a purgatory only for desire.
2 Less days on earth.