October 11, 1988

peace be with you;

Glory be to God!

I have, since the beginning of this revelation, been telling you that My Church is in ruin and in this ruin vipers have nestled inside It and made their homes within Its depths;

ah Vassula!! 1 how I suffer … I will have to come and untangle those snakes which are creeping all over My Holiest of Sacraments and throw them out of My Church all over again … My child, to live and be surrounded by this devastating wilderness is difficult and terrifying, but I am near all those who love Me and worship My Holy Name with love;

I want to remind all those who tread upon My Heavenly Works that I am Infinite Wealth; whenever I saw My creation fall into rebellion I always sent messengers carrying My Word; for rebellion turns the land you are living in into deserts; although your ancestors rebelled, their doubts were never severe as your generation’s, doubting that I speak to My chosen angels, giving them My Messages;

today, My child, I have ministers in My Church who claim to believe in Me but refuse all My Divine Works I am offering you in your days and that come from the Holy Spirit! their aridity is condemning them and in the Day of Judgment I will judge them severely! these peoples should go back to Scriptures and read how My Spirit works and how I bless the gifts I am giving to the chosen ones; they all come from Me; 2

My child, you and I, I and you, are crossing this wilderness, this deadly wilderness caused by rationalism, lack of faith, lack of love, promiscuity, self-indulgences, vanity and a resentment to all that descends from the Holy Spirit; their obduracy to listen is condemning them, anyone who rejects the Works of My Holy Spirit is rejecting Me; for the Holy Spirit and I are One, and the same!3

these people are promoting this desert and are making sure that nothing will grow in it; if they see a flower, either they will trample on it and crush it, or will ignore it on purpose and never water it so that it withers and in this way get rid of it … My Cup of Justice is brimming over and already they are sensing the first drops of My Justice upon them; all I ask from these peoples, especially those who serve Me yet refuse the Holy Spirit’s Works, is to pray, pray, pray for enlightenment and for a stronger faith;

come, My child, please Me always by remembering My Holy Presence;

We, us, Lord.

I love you; yes, we, us;

we, us;

Yes, Holy Mother.

1 God with a loud cry full of suffering and pain called out.
2 Jesus asked me to mark 1 Co. 12:1-11.
3 In the unity of essence.