June 15, 1994

(South Bend – Notre Dame)


I Am;

little one feel My Presence; I am the Rock of your salvation; allow Me to expand My dynasty, call and I shall answer you;

Lord, why do You appear in my place so often now?

I had been saying: to you I shall offer My Song and to prove My faithful Love I would give your society memories of My Holy Countenance …. since it is My Own Love Hymn to you all; and you daughter, My Harp, I allow My Light to cover you; since you allow Me to efface you, My wonder takes place; this is My gift to you; precious it is and you did not merit it, but it pleased the Father to give it to you for within it is His Seal;

you allowed Us1 daughter, to lay Our Hands upon you, you allow Us still to dwell in you;

Vassula, for no one has the Father done this; 2 no other has known this gift, a gift given to all of you through His Love Hymn;

come, We3 are with you; Our blessings are upon you;

1 The Holy Trinity spoke.
2 Jesus spoke.
3 The Holy Trinity spoke again.