May 19, 1988

Lord, the reason maybe that the ecclesiastical authorities do not respond could be that since Your Message of Peace and Love is a reminder for repentance as the ones of Lourdes and Fatima, maybe they do not feel obliged to go into this one as well. They are burdened with work anyway. Although it is not just a reminder. It is also for uniting, Russia’s conversion and Peter’s Seat.

Vassula, I Am the Word, the Everlasting Word, My Word is Eternal Life; if I decide to remind My creation of My Love, even daily through various instruments and to call you for repentance, it is not up to any creature who is but dust and ashes to discard any of My spoken words; I, the Lord, know of your needs and I tell you, My Mercy is Great upon you! 1

come, feel My Presence;

Yes Lord.

we, us;

1 Our Lord really emphasised this sentence ever so much!