May 7, 1988

(St. Mary.)

Vassula! I will always console you when the wolves’ fiery words wound your soul; satisfy My Son’s thirst; quench His insatiable thirst for Love; let us pray to the Father:

“Father of Mercy,
in adoration I am at Your Feet,
in You I Hope and Believe,
I love you boundlessly;

(I repeated.)

Thank You, St. Mary; allow me to lean on You.

beloved, My Son and I never leave you;
hear My Son:

I, Jesus, love you soul;

I love You, Lord! Lord! What will we do?

(I meant what are the further instructions now.)

all will be done by Me; I am the One and only Holy Pure Ecclesia; pray for this Unity; pray for those souls who reject you;

I love you; I am with you all the time; 1 come to Me when your heart is afflicted by the ravenous wolves; hear Me; the evangelical priest is scourging Me savagely and repeatedly on My back; I wish to ask (…) is he is willing to repair the priest’s errors by performing an act of immolation; pray for this erred sheep; pray for him; amend, My beloved, by fasting on bread and water every Friday; are you willing to alleviate your Saviour’s sufferings? I love you, beloved soul; hear Me, Vassula:

My Kingdom is among you;

Peter-of-My-Heart, Peter-of-My-Lambs; this is the Holy Name I have given him: ‘Peter-of-My-Lambs‘, but the Cains have dethroned him, stealing from him the Crown I had honoured him with; I, the Lord, love him, for this one is the well-beloved of My Soul; this stolen Crown I will return to him;

I will overthrow the false kingdoms which sallowed My Body, floating kingdoms, kingdoms without roots; I will reverse these false kingdoms and raise up in My Light like a Torch, My Real Kingdom, and to Peter, I will give entirely back his Seat, enthroning him; and I will place into his hand an iron sceptre in which I will give him the power to reign as shepherd; I will amass My scattered lambs, 2 and when I have done this, I will encircle this Fold with My Arms and no one! no one! not even the evil one will be able to steal one single lamb out of this Fold; My Cape, I will spread over them and shelter them in My warmth, protecting them; to Peter I shall give back what I had given him when I was on earth and in flesh; no man will transgress the bounds of My Will, for all that is now, is your doing, not Mine; I abhor anarchy and rebellion against Me;

Vassula! betrothed! brothers! every step you take, I the Lord bless; I, the Lord, whom you seek will suddenly come into My Temple; I am at your door knocking, will you let Me in? with Me, I carry My Salvation Plan; My Scroll has been written and is ready for consumption; it should be mentioned that I relayed My Salvation Plan of Peace and Love to honour Peter’s Seat as it should have been honoured; I come to give him back his shepherd’s Crown; approach Peter … approach Peter … approach your Lord;

Thank You, Lord.

weary not of writing; we, us?

Yes, Lord; we, us.

1 Jesus’ voice was very soft and intimate here…

2 I had a vision of Angels trying to push together the lambs into the fold.