February 1, 1988

Vassula, I have so many times asked for the consecration of My daughter, Russia; I have implored her consecration; today, 1 Vassula, is the day she had seen the Light; she will be commemorating her millenary anniversary;

Vassula, your sister2 is dead, but the Lord is near her now and will resurrect her and Love will love the Unloved and she will cry up to Him: “You are My God and Saviour!” with this cry, the demons shall take flight; fearing, demons will flee; for this nation will become one and God’s most devoted servant; healed and resurrected by God’s Strength, her stature of holiness will attract all her neighbours by her devotions to the Almighty; Russia will be the symbol of God’s Glory of God’s Mercy and Love; her hymns and chants, that are so sweet in Our ears, with her graceful movements, will rise up to heaven like incense; Love will resurrect her as He resurrected her a thousand years ago; 3

I am the Lord, the Resurrection; when I will resurrect Russia, she will restore My gifts, she will embellish My House again with love and I will unite her again to Me; I will offer her My Bread and My Wine and she will not refuse My Food; she will accept My offer and she will eat My Bread and drink My Wine, renewing herself, praising Me; I will clothe her with My Glory; I will adorn her majestically; I will irrigate her from My Own Springs; I will replenish her stores; My Eyes are upon her, ah Vassula, just wait and see! 4 daughter, how I long to see Peter, My Peter, visit your sister…

Encourage him, Lord, to go. Lord, open his path, if this is Your Will.

come, I am working in many hearts; Vassula, pray to attain My Father’s favour; I will restore My Church; woe to the unfaithful!

Vassula, I wish to remind you that it is I who stunts the tall trees and makes the low ones grow; come now, we, yes; 5 us, yes; 6 yes, Vassula, never doubt; I have taught you to see Us with the eyes of your soul; I am your Teacher; I love you, never doubt;

February 2, 1988

peace be with you, flower; it is I, Jesus your Saviour; Love has found you in wretchedness among wretchedness; beloved! I the Lord have laid My Divine Hands on you and embellished you … to look at Me glorifies Me; 7

Jesus, I hate myself for being wretched.

what are you saying Vassula!! 8 you seem to forget how I am united to you; beware of what you say; remember, ‘us, we’?

O Jesus, your patience is Great …

I love you; come, listen to My Mother,

9 how I love you, Vassula, to Spiti Mou se zitai, i portes ine orthanikhtes yia sena pethi Mou10 to noritero meta ti thefteri praxi; 11

1 This year.
2 Russia.
3 Here ends St. Mary’s message.
4 Jesus sounded like He has a lot more hidden that will be uncovered. He sounded happy, excited.
5 I suddenly saw Him sitting on the armchair and saw His beautiful face while He was indicating with His hand ‘we’, the ‘yes’ was indicating to me that I saw Him correctly.
6 The other ‘yes’ was I saw St. Mary near Jesus and was smiling.
7 I looked at His picture.
8 Jesus was shocked!
9 St. Mary.
10 I asked our Holy Mother a question.
11 Editor’s Note: the translation of this passage in Greek is: “My House needs you – its doors are wide open for you, My child.”