January 13, 1988

Lord, many blame You for being unjust, so they try to turn away from You, saying: “If there is a God, if… He is unjust.”

flower, to these I say, “if you die, it is because of the evil that you have committed upon yourselves, it is the fruit of your apostasy, repent, renounce your sins, return to Me and I will forgive you;”

see Me as your Redeemer, your Consoler; I come to Shine in this dark world of today as a Light;

My House is reigning in confusion, in debates, in self-interest, in unholiness; Peter! Peter! why, why are My disciples dispersed in enmity? hallowed by My Hand, brother of Mine, I love you from all eternity;

My Sacred Heart is wounded, wounded by thorns that have been driven into It by My own; My own whom I love; I will show you My Wounded Heart; they are piercing My Sacred Heart all over again; My Blood is gushing out; they are recrucifying Me; they are not sincere; My Body aches for lack of love; My Lips are parched for lack of love; I am thirsty, beloved;

they have forgotten My ways, they have forgotten that I am humble, meek and full of love; all I ask from you is love; love one another as much as I love you; why combat in My Church? why these disputes in My Presence, why this hatred? why all these venomous statements? where is their holiness? why are they neglecting My garden? they are dispersing My lambs more than ever and the few that remain will also vanish from the fold because they have deserted them;

Peter, My Eyes have grown weary watching them accusing one another; they have laid desolate My lands and have nothing to offer My lambs; their ways are not acceptable to Me; I have given them love and peace; I have never taught them to judge others;

Vassula, I rule with kindness; My Sacred Heart bleeds and lacerates; why do they provoke Me? have I not said that anyone who claims to be in My Light but hates his brother, is still in the dark? have they quite understood what I meant by, “if you are bringing your offering to the altar and suddenly remember that your brother has something against you, leave your offering there before the altar, go and find your brother and reconcile first with him then come back with a clear heart and present your offering;”

by this, I meant how one should be in harmony with each other and love each other; make peace with each other; reconcile before offering Me your gifts in My House; child, there has never been absence of love in My Heart nor in the hearts of My first disciples;

Lord, I suffer to feel You suffer; Your Patience is great!

Vassula, My child, risen from the dead, have faith in Me; hope, and love Me; I, the Lord, will never forsake you;

Lord, I ask You to raise Your other children too as You have risen me.

I will, but not because you have asked Me; I will raise them because this was and is My Will; come, and do not forget My Presence; beloved, in the end I will prevail;