January 5, 1988

(When I read again the passage about Russia, lying dead, I cried bitter tears again.)

do not weep, Vassula; I told you, I will resurrect her;

I love her, Lord. I feel pity for her, Lord. I love her.

love her as I love her, she is My daughter too, your sister,

Lord, will You go over to her and resurrect her? Will she return to You, O Lord?

I will go to her and resurrect her and carry her to My House; I want all My children to love her; we will all surround her with Love;

My God, did You say that You will continue Your Message of the 4th?

I will continue:

when Russia became a dependant of Satan, because her land was barren, he offered her the deadly fruit he keeps in store for those I love; it kills in stages; the more one eats of it the more one needs it; it is deadly, killing slowly; he nourished her with his fruit and killed her; she died with this fruit still clenched in her hand;

Vassula, trust Me, I will resurrect her,

daughter, be still, do not worry; leave Me free and I will accomplish My Works;

Lord, I’m worrying, because You asked me to bless Your children of Garabandal and let them know of Your Message; then allow the authorities to read how to start uniting; then ask them to sanctify Garabandal and make them understand that Garabandal is the sequel of Fatima. Then of how offended St. Mary is for not honouring her apparitions in Garabandal, repeating the error of Fatima.. Oh Lord, then now, Russia and You keep hinting to me all along that it is to Your servant John Paul II that I must hand over the Message and I have done NOTHING of all this! Your Word is on me and it is heavy to bear…

say it now!

I was going to say, “…all alone.” 1 Forgive me.

Vassula, I am bearing It with you; I am sharing My Cross with you; Vassula, I forgive you; I have also given you witnesses who bear the same Cross; you keep forgetting that it is I, the Lord, who will do all these things and not you; you are to love Me and feed from Me;

come, I will whisper in your ear, My Love; rejoice, daughter, for the time has come; love Me as I love you; I am Jesus Christ, Beloved Son of God and Saviour; draw My sign;

1 I felt ashamed but as He is The Truth He asked me to finish my sentence.