December 6, 1987

write, Vassula;

I, the Lord, wish you to honour My Stations of the Cross: introduce the light, first honouring My Mother, offering Her a candle, then I wish to see your knees bend in all of My Stations, honouring Me by holding at My Stations a light;

Lord, You have laid out Your plans already. I beg You to open the path for us to honour You Lord.

I will; lean on Me and I will carry you;

Vassula, when this is accomplished you will be reminded by Me that soon the second event will be coming, I shall remind you not to seek anymore your comfort;

My God, are You talking for all of us?

no, I am talking to you, Vassula; look into My Face; I will remind you that this event will be the beginning where you will feel My Powerful Hand on you; My Divine instructions will flow in you; you are to be pliant, willing to serve Me, loyal, honouring Me; I will use you, you will be used fully, even to be My target; you are My tablet, little one; I intend to bring back to Peter My sheep;

Lord, My God, I have been with You as a ‘tablet’ now for over a year. You have used me every day, and I love You because I’m nearer to You in this way. You can use me. I will be loyal and Your slave too.

Vassula how I love you; will you kiss My Feet after doing the Stations of the Cross?

Yes Lord, I will.

come, do not forget My Presence; you seem to neglect Me these days;

My God, give me the strength to manage everything. I want to please You as You know, but my capacity is limited. Will You forgive me?

O Vassula, how I love you; I forgive you; write what you saw!

(Jesus, in telling me that I neglect Him, looked sad and grave. When I asked Him to forgive me, His Divine Face lit up and with a bright smile, showing me His dimples, He opened His Arms wide, so that I fall in His embrace.)

forgiveness will always be given without the slightest hesitation; and I made you discern Me fully so that you are able to tell My children the way I forgive;

come, we, us;

(Jesus in saying this made a movement with His index finger, like a Teacher, warning me.)