January 21, 1987

(The priest gave me a lot of sufferings. Like God predicted to me on the 16th, he sent me pamphlets with all sorts of theories, to prove it’s evil. He also sent me, as God predicted, a theory about subconscious mind, and occultism and satanism, plus a letter telling me to destroy the writings and warn people that this was all from the evil one, for my good and for the others. I told him that I obeyed his wish to pray those three prayers and that I did not write to see the result. But I do not think he believed me, because he went to tell the other priest (who believes the writings come from God and who supports me) that the writings are satanic, and that I am not even reading the three prayers he asked me to! He alarmed a lot of other priests, so the one who supports me asked me to leave him the latest two notebooks to read. The following day, having made up his own opinion, he told me to continue writing. Yet I know the one who believes it’s evil, I know he does it because of the love of the Church, to protect the church; I only wish he would see clearer. He wants to save me too, because he believes it’s evil. I hope one day he will understand. I pray to St. Mary. What am I doing wrong?)

O daughter how I pain for you;

Am I doing wrong if I desire the others to love God and show them this message?

no, you are doing nothing wrong; I am Mary, Mother of Sorrows; Vassula, I am near you, always; be with Us; come to Us for consolation; they do not understand Our Riches; they have closed their hearts forever, you are one of the many signs We have given them, but they do not seem to understand; God encouraged you to hear His call;

Vassula, every time you bring a soul near God, God is pleased with you; My Son Jesus and I are always beside you; be careful because evil is furious with you; evil is trying to discourage you, their way of fighting you is to add wrong words to mislead you; remember always this and never forget it; it is their weapon against you; I am near you protecting you;

Would I be able to recognise the evil?

I will always tell you; trust Me; Jesus has trained you to recognise Him;

Why am I attacked?

I will explain this to you, My child; understand that you are being exposed in Hades,1 beloved; your love to God is healing many strayed souls;2 that is why you are attacked; I am near you protecting you; I have now told you this so that you may understand why you receive the wrong word; you are healing them with the love you have for Jesus and your Holy Father;

Am I working in this way too?

yes, you are healing them with your love; do not let men influence you to submit in their theories; every time you are told to stop writing, remember how you were unaware and living in darkness; many of our children do not recognise Our signs anymore; God has chosen you to be His bearer; please Him and hear Him;

Thank you, Holy Mary, may God bless you.

peace be with you;


I am; Vassula, I love you to a degree you are unable to grasp; Vassula, how I suffer to watch my children so arid; how can they forget the love I have for them? I laid out My Life for them; beloved, be near Me and feel Me; I will come to you in the appointed time to deliver you, but first you have a task to accomplish;

I, God, have already revealed Wisdom to bless all mankind; O daughter, one day you will understand fully how I work; do not fear, for I, God, love you;


daughter, it is I, Jesus, I want you to read the three prayers every time before you write with Me because they keep away evil; believe Me, they are powerful prayers; do you still want to work for Me?

Jesus, if I say no, what will You do?

you are free to choose, do not fear, I will not take away the charism I gave you; I will always meet you to tell you how much I love you;

No, Jesus, I have already said that I’m willing to work for You; why should I change my word, You remember?

I am pleased with your answer, daughter; remain near Me and I will guide you;

Jesus, have I hurt You anytime?

yes, you have; I was hurt when you forgot how I came to save you from darkness; but I have forgiven you; I know how much you love Me; I am your Bridegroom; do not forget; do not forget either that by being My bride we share everything; Vassula, I am bearing My Cross of Peace and Love on My weary shoulders, take it, beloved, for a while; I will place it on your shoulders liberating Me from My burden; I want you near Me so that I am able to unload My Cross on you; I want you near Me because I know you understand how I suffer; when you will feel My Cross you will suffer too; I am your Bridegroom and I will share My sufferings too with you; I will feel rested whenever you liberate Me from My burden; before you accepted Me I was near you all the time watching every movement you made, beloved; I called you so many times, but you were unaware of My Presence; now, finally you heard Me and came to Me, why then do you doubt?

(Doubts after my contact with the priest.)

every time you are weak, doubting, remember what I have just told you; bear My Cross of Peace and Love and do not leave Me; come and pray with Me;

(Jesus prayed with me. He was looking upwards while praying.)

Jesus, You know how much I love You. I will help You carry Your Cross and unburden You. We can share It.

daughter, how I always wanted to hear you tell Me this; come, beloved, let us continue our way;

(Jesus was so pleased. Happy.)

(Next day.)

(I heard my name. Jesus was calling me incessantly. I was painting. I threw the brushes in the air, got up, ran to the desk.)

Vassula, Vassula, Vassula; I, Jesus, called you; O Vassula how I love you; glorify Me; be with Me always; every time you love Me with such fervour I feel glorified; delight Me always, hearing Me like now; remember, I am with you soon; I am going to take you near Me soon, beloved, because I love you to a degree you can never imagine, but first you must deliver My Message to all nations as you are doing now, then I will soon fetch you; I will take you here where I am and will have you near Me forever; I, Jesus Christ, love you; I have given you this grace, Vassula, I have blessed you; I will never take away what I give;

– daughter, will you revive My Church?

Oh Jesus, You ask something I am unable to do for You!

trust Me!

I will cling on You, and depend on You entirely. You’re my Teacher.

glorify Me, I will lead you;

1 Purgatory.
2 Our prayers to God and our love for God is used as well by God to lift souls from purgatory. At the same time, our love to God makes Him give graces to strayed souls on earth to save them.