November 14, 1987

Jesus, are You happy when I also come to You in this way You have given me?

I am, how can I not be?

you come to Me, My Vassula, yet you are not telling Me what is in your heart; I feel your heart, Vassula it is laden with sorrow and pain; do you want to know why? I will tell you why, it is because Love suffers; when I suffer, you suffer too; I have given you the grace of synchronising with Me at all times; you are My reflection, what I feel, you feel; I am letting you feel Me, souls are piercing Me anew;

(My agony now reached its peak. I’m supposed to reserve my tears but I couldn’t.)

daughter, do you think that My eyes are dry? 1 they fill up as much as yours, I suffer …. My eyes are wet too;

O Vassula! My flower, how you understand Me now, daughter; together we shed tears, together we suffer, together we bear My Cross; 2 My Heart is wounded by so many souls who embitter Me O Vassula, your tears are My tears; here, bear My Cross, take My nails too, will you let Me rest?

Yes Jesus.

(My soul has never reached such sorrow and agony as now.)

Vassula, O Vassula, how I dread in telling you this, still I must tell you the truth; wear My Crown of Thorns and you will understand Me;

I think I know, Lord. I will be ridiculed, denied?

souls will not hear Me, they will sin, proved by their refusal to believe in My Merciful Message, proved by their reluctance and by their fear of admitting their fault; 3 here, wear My Crown;

(He placed it on my head.)

you will glorify Me; listen, the time will come, in fact the time has come, where I will give you My instructions to scatter My grains in great abundance; Love will instruct you to fulfil My intentions; prove victorious, Vassula;

daughter, delight Me and face Me like now; I have allowed you to feel My Bleeding Heart, leaving My Blood drip on your heart; I let you share My Cup; around your head I have adorned you with My Crown, I have laid My Cross on you, My Nails I give to you, what more can a Spouse offer? all what I have given you are My most precious Jewels; My beloved one, now that you understand Me; are you willing to proceed into the depths of My Bleeding Body?

Yes, Lord, take me there.

daughter, we will then proceed, hold on to Me, bless Me;

(I blessed Jesus.)

come, I will bless you too; lower your eyes too;

(Jesus blessed me.)

call Me Abba, now you know what it means; 4


yes, how I love you! I have also created you so that I have someone with whom I can share My sufferings; you will get to know Me, Vassula; you will learn who your Father is; flower, dearest daughter, let it be known how much I love My creation; 5

Vassula, do you know why I am giving you this powerful grace to call Me any time you wish?

For the reasons You’ve told me already, Lord.

there is still one more reason;

Please do not write it, I have heard You.

yes, you have heard Me;

But Lord, ‘this’ comes from You, it’s not from me.

flower, remember I have given you all your freedom to choose;

Yes, Beloved, but You have also given us the grace of our intellect to enable us to understand and choose. You have taught me this.

yes, 6 I love you; come, us, we?

Yes, Lord.

(I suddenly felt the need of God, St Mary, and all the Saints. Then, with great power, St. Mary appeared.)

the hours are fleeing, Jesus is guiding you; fear not, My beloved daughter, have My Peace; Jesus is with you, Jesus is your Guide; love Him as you do, My Vassula; you repair enormously; be Jesus’ balm, delight Him; I, your Holy Mother will help you, fear not and proceed; you are on the right Path; I love you;

I love You, St. Mary. If I have to hurry I cannot do it unless God will open the Path for me, I shall then proceed with Him, holding His hand. I trust Him. I rely on Him. I ask You, Beloved Mother, to be my support, encouraging me and helping me.

you will get support from Me and I will help you;

Thank You, I bless You.

1 I looked up, because Jesus’ voice shook with agony, and saw His Eyes full, and wet with tears all around His eyes.
2 Jesus dictated very fast.
3 Jesus enlightened me to understand this passage. I know who this is referred to. It goes very deep into the Church.
4 Editor’s note: St Paul writes (Rm. 8:14-15): “All who are guided by the Spirit of God are sons of God; for what you received was not the spirit of slavery to bring you back into fear; you received the Spirit of adoption, enabling us to cry out, ‘Abba, Father!'” The word ‘Abba’ comes from the Aramaic, meaning ‘Dad’. Jesus refers thus to the Father in Mk. 14:36.
5 Here God is letting me know that He does not love me more than the rest of His creation, but shows how much love He has on me just as an example. I am like a sample.
6 There was a slight pause.