November 5, 1987

trust Me, let Me guide you where I wish; keep your hand in My Hand; have no fear, I will lead you into the very depths of My Wounded Body; Vassula, fulfil My Words;

daughter, fear not; I wish you to embellish My garden;

Father, Righteous One,
I cannot deny my fear. Help me.
Allow me to receive Your Strength.
Allow me to grow in Your Light, in You.
Do not forsake me.
If it is within Your Will, make me worthy
so that You may use me
and may share in accomplishing Your desires.
I ask You to forgive
my weaknesses and incompetences in Your Mercy.
Do as Your Heart desires.
Let Your will be done, not mine.

Love will help you; remember though that as soon as My Word will be established, to Me you will come! I bear no more having you out in exile; My Soul longs for you!

Father! What joy you give me! What happiness and consolation your words give my soul! I’m so happy!

beloved, yes, love Me, desire Me; please this Heart that sought for you; I will soon be coming to you, but, while still in the world, be near Me by drinking Me and eating Me, by praising Me, by honouring Me; let Me rejoice fully;

do not be discouraged if the world denies you, because you do not belong to the world, no more than I belonged to the world while in flesh; you come from Me; I am your Father and in you I live as you live in Me; honour My Name, glorify My Body, remain in My Love; I will not fail you or desert you; so fear no one, beloved; sow My seeds which will bear fruit in holiness; be holy, for I am Holy;

“I am listening. What is Yahweh saying?
What God is saying means Peace and Love
for his children, for the earth, for His Body.
If only they renounce their folly;
for those who fear Him, His redemption is near,
and the Glory will then live on earth.
Love and Mercy now descended,
Righteousness and Peace now will embrace us;
Righteousness always preceding Him
and Peace following His footsteps.”

(God guided me to write this passage taken from Ps. 85:8-13, changing a few words.)

beloved, I said: I am going to water My orchard, I intend to irrigate My flower beds; hear Me: My rivulet will grow into a river and My river will grow into an ocean; and I will make discipline shine out; I shall send My Light far and wide glorifying My Body; so come, take My Hand and let Me lead you;

daughter, do no more today; rest in My Heart;