October 30, 1987

I have given My creation innumerable signs warning them; I raised up saints declaring My desires but have they1 listened? has anything changed?

Lord, suppose they do this time, suppose they are willing, suppose they read and believe and unite and seek to glorify You rather than seek their own interests this time, had they believed in this message.

Vassula, ah Vassula, many would fear, even those who would believe in My Message and admit that it is I, through fear of being mocked upon and fear of their superiors; many would put honour from men before the honour that comes from Me; honour Me and diffuse My message;

Suppose, Lord, they do bend.

I would uplift My Justice then that lies heavily upon them; but they still hurl venomous arrows at one another, afflicting My Body; there will always be disharmony reigning among them because love is missing;

Vassula, had they followed My command to love one another as much as I love them and humble themselves, My Body today would reign in harmony; have they ever humbled themselves washing each others feet, 2 have I not given you this as an example so that you may copy what I have done? bend! bend to be able to unite!

soul, the time has come where My beloved servant John Paul should hear Me; I have indeed heard his cries, his cries have reached Heaven, his cries resound in the entire universe, his cries have reached My Ears!

let Me tell you: in a short time there will be one flock and one shepherd; I will lead all My sheep, even those that are not of this fold; Love will unite you, but before this, there will be tremendous tribulations, the entire Heavens will shake! be vigilant, daughter; hand over My instructions, they are all within My sacred writings; by forwarding3 My Message you will understand;

Jesus, oh St. Mary, what will they say? Understand me St Mary, it is not in my position to face all those superior people.

Vassula, do not fear; your incapacity infatuates Jesus; stay small;

St. Mary, suppose they didn’t listen?

little one, this divine revelation will be His last warning; if they do not want to listen or understand I will allow His Hand to fall on them and strike them; Vassula, all you have to do is love Him; be vigilant because Satan is furious and will try all sorts of traps; do not fear, I am guarding you;

Thank you St. Mary for encouraging me. Thank You for guarding me. I bless You.

Vassula, I bless you, child;

1 The creatures.

2 I had the impression here that Jesus meant that this gesture should be done from one church to the other.

3 Making it known.