September 1, 1987

fidelity is what I love; Vassula, I will give you a vision lifting you to Me; I will show you how heaven will appear;

(The sky was shown to me. It looked as any night, with its stars, then it changed. It resembled spots of paint. Like a painter’s palate, but one colour was dominating surpassing all others, in command, it was red, thick, and it grew in its thickness, like yeast, pouring from above on us.)

Vassula, I will open the heavens, letting you see what eye has never seen; you have well discerned, keep awake; I will watch over you, hear Me; write; I have, since the beginning of times, loved My creation, but I created My creation to love Me too and recognise Me as their God; I have, since the beginning of times, sanctified all that My Hands created; I am a God of Love, I am the Spirit of Sublime Love; creature, since the beginning of times, I have shown My Love to mankind, but I have also shown My Justice too; each time My creation rebelled against Me and My Law, I hardened at Heart, My Heart grieved by their iniquities; I came to remind them that I am the Spirit of Love and that they too are spirit; I came to remind them that they are but a passing shadow on earth, made out of dust, and that My first drops of rain upon them, will wash them away leaving nothing behind; I have breathed into them, My Breath, giving them life;

the world has incessantly been offending Me and I, for My part, have incessantly been reminding them of My existence and of how I love them, My Chalice of Justice is full, creation! My Justice lies heavily upon you! unite and return to Me, honour Me creation! when you will, then I too will lift My Justice; My cries resound and shake the entire heavens leaving all My angels trembling for what has to come, I am a God of Justice and My Eyes have grown weary watching hypocrisy, atheism, immorality; My creation has become, in its decadence, a replica of what Sodom was; I will thunder you with My Justice as I have thundered the Sodomites; repent, creation, before I come;

I have indeed forewarned you many a time but you have not followed My instructions; I have raised up saints to warn you, but daughter, they have closed their hearts; My creation would rather live in lust and ignore Me; I have given them signs to awaken them;

My God, Your children are only sleeping. Please come and wake them up, they are only sleeping.

they are sleeping hour after hour, year after year;

But Lord, who is to blame if they have not been taught, they are almost innocent if they know nothing about You.

I have raised servants and teachers on earth to teach them;

But Lord, Your teachers and servants do work, but what can they do more when multitudes are negative, they are helpless!

helpless? they should repent, they should come to Me and repent; I have through times given them signs, but they have rejected them as not from Me; I have given them warnings through weak and wretched souls but they doubted My word; they have rejected all My blessings, grieving Me; O men with hearts out of rock! men of little faith! have they had more heart and have they had, now even, more heart, I would have helped them; I stirred them up from their sleep, but how many times have they closed their eyes, falling back into sleep;

But why don’t they make it known to the world when You give Your signs?

some do, but the majority of My sacerdotal souls have closed their hearts, doubting, fearing; many of them fear; Vassula, do you remember the Pharisees?

Yes, Lord.

let Me tell you that many of them are replicas of the Pharisees; doubting, fearing, blinded by vanity and with hypocrisy, do you remember how many times I have given them signs? I have given them signs hundreds of times and what have they done? times have not changed, many of My sacerdotal souls are just the same, replicas of the Pharisees! I have given them signs but they want signs which could be explained by proofs; they want proofs;

Will You give them of Your past signs a proof, and of this revelation any proof?

all that I will give them is you yourself, child;

But Lord, it’s not convincing, I’m not convincing, I’m nothing to convince! They’ll laugh outright in my face.

I have blessed you;

But Lord, I know that it’s You, and a few others too, but many will disagree, since there is no solid proof it’s from You. I am nothing and You know it.

daughter, let Me be everything, remain nothing and let Me be everything; the least you are the more I am; I have now laid My Justice on mankind, upon them is what they have reaped;

Isn’t there a solution, I mean that somehow everything becomes like You want and so Your Justice is lifted?

Vassula, when I will be received and not denied by My sacerdotal souls now, I will lift My Justice; I have warned them, but they keep My warnings hidden;

Please tell me the reason why they do this?

they seem to forget My Omnipotency and My Wealth, they tend to amass everything into one thing; 1 they will believe only if they see; grieving Me, counting not My blessings;

2 creature! creature! revive My Church, Vassula honour Me; the hour is near, beloved, the hour is at hand; Love will come again as Love;

Thank You, Lord. I bless You.

(These last three days I felt in my soul an inexplicable agony; between the 1st and the 4th.)

1 Solid proof, concrete, touchable…
2 Then He turned to me, laying His command on me.