July 12, 1987

Vassula, I rejoice when you realise;

(Sometimes I fully realise that I’m really with God and that He communicates with me in this way so I have my heart leaping! It comes in waves, most of the time I realise but not really fully.)

Do You know this, Lord?

I do, I know very well; Vassula, have you remembered Juan?
we will unite him to Me,

My God!

I am;

You think a lot about Juan!

he is My beloved soul, I love him, I want him near Me, I wish to guide him and make a great servant out of him, O Vassula! what great things he can do for Me!

But Lord, it’s impossible!! To start with he is not believing in You, then he’s got other occupations in his life!

child, do you realise who is leading you?

Yes My God …

I am the Alpha and the Omega, Creator of all, do you realise he has been looking for Me for years!

Has he? I thought he didn’t believe.

he has always believed, only he has been misled; I love him and will guide him to find Me; I am Love and to Love he will come, I will fill him with My Love, all My blessings will restore him;

beloved, now you must rest;

Lord, do You still always want me kneeling while writing?

I do, honour My Presence;

Yes, Lord.