October 19, 2020

behold, My child, let not your mind be troubled, for I, Jesus, am by your side always; recollect yourself in prayer and let it become an approach and means of union with Me; would the Bridegroom not enjoy those private moments with His Beloved bride? remember that the unceasing prayer completes all the daily prayers at all hours;

Consoler of your spirit I Am; remember and never doubt that I am your Teacher and Educator as well; all that you have learned came from Me; I had asked you to transmit My Messages and not to convince those who do not want to believe;

pray more, because there is so much evil in this world, so few are on the right path and so many are on the wrong path of perdition; they are falling in hell like snow that falls on earth, pray for all those that need healing, need prayers; together daughter, we shall work, never leave My Hand that holds your hand; be at rest with Me, your Bridegroom;

I shall continue My Love Song to console your spirit and raise your spirit; I am Love: ic