April 12, 2020


I Am! ah Vassula! My child, ring a tone of Hope, your hearts may be broken1, but so is Mine, come and pour your hearts out like rivers before Me, generation, and you shall not waste away! I am your Hope and Spouse, which Spouse would not look after His own? I am your firm and safe ground on which you stand;

your generation has angered My Father beyond limits; do not ask, “why have You struck us down without any hope of a cure?”2 shall I remind you of how many times you have sinned? shall I remind you of how many times you have put Me away from your heart, generation? you have drawn upon you this evil, an evil that I had warned you about and foretold you of this ‘fire’ that burns you from within; hear Me: there is no other Saviour but Me; I am your God and I tell you again, I have never urged you to do evil, and this you know; but I am Lord and Saviour and am known to forgive and forget when the sinner comes to Me with a contrite heart and repents and asks to be forgiven!

Vassula, I am known to be merciful to wipe away sorrowful tears, to look after My flock, and console you; I am known to have thrown down rulers, overthrown lands and kingdoms, so, am I not able to extinguish an evil and uncontrolled illness that devastated so many of you? but, I need to hear a cry of repentance; anyone’s prayers and sacrificial love will be accepted by Me and My Father; the day this generation will call out My Name I will rescue them from their sufferings; I will reduce this ‘storm’ with just one all-powerful Word for I am known to come quickly to My children’s rescue; but this generation is hard to bend and learn, even now when they are walking over red hot coals, with corpses lying in heaps, they do not listen to Me;

I have sent you, generation, so many signs, but you have turned a blind eye on them; I have sent you My servants the prophets so persistently, so often, to call out to you to repent and turn away from your evil ways and amend your actions, but you have closed your ears not to hear! your sins now are recoiling on your own heads;

come! fasten your minds on holiness, fasten your hearts on My Sacred Heart, so that I may resurrect you, for I am your only Hope; then, no one will tell you: “do not go out into the countryside, do not venture on the roads,”3 for the invisible enemy is everywhere you go; I Am is with you, untamed generation, for I am a Father to all of you; you are all so dear and favoured to Me;

I had created you, generation, to sprout like a vine, planted in My Celestial Gardens, with leafy green leaves, watered by the Rivers of Life; you were once the pride of My Royal Courts; you were not meant to dry up, but in your folly you chose to turn away from My Light, the Source of your Life; your stem then dried up, your leaves shriveled, dropped and scattered; the Hope that came from Me was gone, the favours were of the past; you were trampled underfoot, the vine that I cared and reared once laid under the shadow of death; who was it you rejected in your folly? are you not spawn of sin? lift up your eyes and look round, havoc and ruin encircles you, you dwell in the graveyards like the dead, this is what you have drawn upon you, generation for having denied Me all of these years;

lift up your eyes and look at My Holy Face, and at this sight you will grow radiant, your heart throbbing and full, while My Holy Spirit will flow over to you from My Celestial Throne, resurrecting you, and establishing you once more in My Celestial Gardens; your twisty trails will be of the past; your hands clean, white as snow,4 your integrity as wide as an ocean; many of you will come to My Light; so do not say, generation: “God’s Compassion is limited” or “my sins are too many and great to be forgiven;” hear Me: repent, call on My Name and give up your sins, let your repentance be true, let it be like an appeasing fragrance to reach My Father in Heaven, and My Father and I will forgive you and restore you; crown Me with wreathes of love; all I need is love;

pray Vassula that you may not be tempted, let your King rejoice in you… give glory to Me your God; in every way, praise the splendor of My Holy Name; I Am always beside you, child! come! ic


1 Due to the pandemic, many people suffer, either losing their life or losing their jobs.

2 Cure to the COVID-19.

3 Jr 6 : 25.

4 I understood this term as: purified from sin.