July 7, 1987


Vassula, you shall face severe trials, 1 do not forget My Presence, I am near you;

believing in My Heavenly Works is also a grace given by Me; My Works, in your eyes, appear quite unorthodox, but I am God and with whom could you compare Me to? and to what can you compare My Works to?

Vassula, when I see how so many of My sacerdotal souls deny my signs and My Works, how they treat those to whom I have given My graces and remind the world I am among you, I grieve … they are unwillingly damaging My Body, pono! 2 they deny My Works, thus making deserts instead of making the land fertile!

Lord, if they deny Your works there must be reasons!

spiritually they are dead; they are deserts themselves and when they spot a flower in that great wilderness they made, they rush to it and trample on it, destroying it,


why? it is a misfit in their wilderness, they make sure that their desert stays arid! I find no holiness in them, none, what have they to offer Me?

Protection Lord! Protection not to distort Your Word!

no, they are not protecting Me, they are denying Me as God; they deny My Infinite Wealth, they deny My Omnipotency, they are comparing themselves to Me; do you know what they are doing? they are promoting atheism, they are multiplying My scourgers, they are increasing spiritual deafness, they are not defending Me, they are deriding Me! I have willed, in spite of their denials, to help them, so that in turn, they would help and feed My lambs;

love Me Vassula, honour Me by never denying Me;

I will never deny You. I will never deny that these are Your Works Lord, even if I had to die!

My sweet myrrh, My remnant, My beloved, look after My interests; be My altar; remain little so that I work in you and act in you, come let us pray,

“Father of Mercy,
unite your sheep, bring them together again,
let them realise their aridity,
forgive them, mould them into what you desire them to be,
remind them of Your ways,
May all Glory be in Your Holy Name for ever and ever,

(I feel sad for God …)

beloved, grieve for the world and what it has become; rest in Me;

1 The Lord is preparing me for my apostolate.

2 Greek: meaning “I ache!”