June 30, 1987


(I rushed because Jesus was urging me to write.)

I called you!

(I felt and saw Jesus happy.)

yes, I am, I feel happy! come, let us work, I shall repeat My desires; Vassula, do not fear to show My Works;

Lord, I remind myself of this good friend of ours, Martha, the impulsive one. I’m impatient now like her. I want things to go quick, tomorrow, today, now, if possible, to have all Your desires ACCOMPLISHED NOW, thorns plucked and thrown away, lance drawn out from Your Heart now, and all what You desire!

Vassula do not rush;

(I felt His Hand caress my head.)

hear My desires again, I want to remind them of My Ways, I want them to stop throwing venomous arrows at one another, Vassula, was I a politician?

(Jesus surprised me with this question, He had a different tone in His Voice.)

Well, this time even I know you were not a politician …

exactly, I was not a politician, Vassula; who do you say I was?

You are meaning while you were here in flesh, Lord?


The Beloved Son of God.

yes, you see, even you knew I was not a politician; Vassula, let Me see;

(Jesus is thinking with the usual position of His arms, one across His stomach and the other arm elbow on waist and forefinger on His cheek.)

have you ever felt through My whole guidance any trace of wickedness from My part?

No, not a trace, Lord. Never.


What’s this, Lord?

how have you felt Vassula?

(Jesus ignored my previous question.) I felt spoilt by You, loved extremely much, cuddled, forgiven.

go on;

I felt elated by Your love, peaceful, wonderful; I felt never happier than when I was with You, and with Your love showing me the way again. Teaching me LOVE, holiness, humility.

yes, you see Vassula there is no trace of political upheaval; none;

(Jesus made a gesture with His Hand showing, or emphasising “none”.)

this is how I am, I am All Love and this is the way I would like My true, but true followers to be;

– hear Me, I am the Church; do not ever forget this; have My Peace, Vassula;

I love You to folly and You know this now, Jesus.

beloved, My Heart will engulf you with its Flame of Love; allow Me to keep you in My Heart;

(I thought of the vision.)

the five rays come out of My five Wounds;

And the candle on one of the rays?

I wish to introduce the light;

At Your Stations?


Then I saw You.

yes, I was wearing My thorned crown remember?

Yes I do. But what was the last scene?

my anointing;

And why was I pushed to a prostrate position?

prostrated you should have been;

And the Chalice, Lord?

this is to purify yourselves and to honour My Holy Eucharist;

Thank you, Lord.

Vassula, deep in My Body I have the lance’s point penetrating My Heart, it is there always; I want the lance removed; glorify My Body in establishing Peace, Unity and Love;

Beloved God, it’s all too vague for me. I don’t know the meaning of Your words.

remove the thorns that penetrated in My Head; Vassula, will you do this for Me; I will be before you always, heal My Body, soothen It; My Five Wounds are wide open, see? love Me, adorn Me, embellish Me, remind them of the first Christians who loved Me more than their own life;

Lord, more than photocopying and distributing Your message I can’t do!

you will do much more than this; never forget who is leading you;

Yes, Lord; I depend on You.