September 9, 2014

I am here… now, with you; ah, Vassula, healed by Me, I will console you to the full; seek Me day after day and you will know then My Will; I will always guide you… in following Me, your light will shine like the dawn; whoever trusts in Me shall inherit eternal life; accustom, therefore, your steps to walk with Me; put your soul in My Hands and tell your soul: “the Lord, God, is my salvation;”

today, impious generation, I have bent the Heavens and came down to reach you, and talk to you, to revive your faith; the humble heard Me and rejoiced and My ineffable Love rested in them; but the wicked man’s oracle is sin in the depths of his heart; peace is not what they want, they fill the mouths of nations with falsehood; before My very Eyes, they blaspheme and with deceit they lead their people; so was I to remain silent?

My Love was revealed from the very Beginning; but the world with all it craves for will end one day1 everything soon will come to an end; are you ready to receive Me? everyone of you will have to answer to My Questions; to Me, the Judge, you will have to answer;

as I just said, Vassula, My Love was revealed from the Beginning but it was not because I expected righteousness or goodness done by man, no, not at all, and for no reason except for My Own Mercy, Love, Compassion, was the reason that I saved you, by renewing you with the Holy Spirit of Grace, and become heir to My Kingdom!

My Call to this day is spreading as I had foretold you then, despite of the cacophonies of the slanderers, despite of the cadaverous Caiaphases who have encircled you… I call each one of you, generation, I call each one in different ways and, oh, I know how the Caiaphases think, they will not escape their punishment, as those who refused, as well, to listen to the warnings that clapped like thunder from Heaven on earth!

ah, Vassula, look after My Interests with unshakeable zeal, and I remind your soul not to fear or to worry about them; keep your testimony pure and with courtesy and with clarity so that all those who slander you when you are leading a True Life in Me may be proven wrong in their accusations that they bring upon you; everything soon will come to an end; keep on doing well and be constant, and productive; I, God, am by your side and I love you; love Me; ic

1 we are destined to die