December 11, 2013

My child, Yahweh is My Name; feel My Presence  open your heart to Grace allowing My Light to shine in you; do not be afraid for I Am with you;

the Command I have given you with Love is to reach out to My people to proclaim My Message,  daughter, I have spoken through your voice, to uproot evil when you see it, to tear down lodges and voices that go against My Will, to build My Sanctuaries that the devil tore down, to embellish this generation, to plant in this deserted wilderness;  amend for others, daughter; be patient, in times of struggle and attacks; My Son, Jesus Christ, cries out from His Cross, because this generation is in despair, lamenting for they are godless; My Heart pains Me as a Father for many have not understood My calling; no they have not understood that you are My gift to them!

being in the world to diffuse My Message glorifies Me; and while you continue to do My Work, allow Me to proceed further; I need your consent!

my will is yours, Lord;

I will remind everyone how I rule: I rule with Majesty with Authority, intrusively and with Mercy; I will use you to reveal what this generation lacks and what they lost; and woe to those who are deaf to My sayings!

Love is in front of their eyes, and yet they do not acknowledge Me; this Message is directed to all; My blessings are upon you, My child, rest on My Bosom;