June 22, 2010

Vassula, I have called you child! I am always with you; praise Me every single day for before you I stand;  I have brought you to life, to live in Me; – many read and read My Word and yet do not live it; many stand in My assemblies preaching, yet what they preach is not fulfilled by them 1; you have become the servant of My Church, the slave of My Church, carrying My Message of peace, reconciliation and unity to deliver it to My people; My purpose was to reveal to the world My Mercy and how concerned I am for their salvation; how concerned I am of their division; ah, daughter, if you only knew what I know and if you saw and heard what I see and hear from My shepherds and what they declare between them, you would understand the bitterness of this cup! yes?

surely it is not all of Your Shepherds;

humility is lacking from many; the structure of My Body has been damaged; if My Body is disconnected to the Head, the Body is dead; devastation is spreading to reduce My House to a desolation, a desert!

what can I do, Lord?

keep summoning and gathering like you do, tire not, My dove, I have always been by your side; have you not noticed?

I have been appearing on you as a Sign, so that you take heart as well; do not fear of the shadows 2, I am your powerful protection; trust Me;

as for those shepherds who neglect to look after My flock and to pasture them, they are like Scriptures say: “doom for the shepherds who allow the flock of My pasture to be destroyed and scattered – you have let My flock scatter and go wandering and have not taken care of them” (Jr 23:1) – though once great, they have been reduced to follow the principles of this world, allowing themselves to liberalism, and forgetting to live their lives according to their first vows;

I have asked them to be rooted in Me and build on Me and hold firm by the faith that they have been taught; had they kept their first amorous vow to Me and not allowed themselves to be lured on the things that are of the earth, things that wear away, today My House would be rich in glory and My flock would have not wandered away;

True Life in God is My Message; it is not based on human doctrines or human regulations; it is based on My Love, it is based on Truth, it is based on the true doctrine, filled with virtues to lead you to deification, giving to this generation a full knowledge of My Will;

My teachings are byzantine lectures given to mankind as a new baptismal kiss from Me, to raise the dead to a new life and show them that the truth is in the Spirit;

the Spirit had forewarned you that during the last days there would be some who would desert the faith and choose doctrines that come from demons; they have nothing to be proud of; pain and suffering has come to many nations and still My Word has not penetrated them; I have shown My Love to all mankind to receive Me graciously; some will ask: “how have You shown Your Love when so many nations fall by the sword continuously and famine is just around the corner?”

yet I showed My Love, through My constant reminders and My ceaseless warnings, I descended from My Throne in this way to restore your lives that were ambushed by demons; My kindness never ceased; but you have not waited for Me nor sought Me; I called you but you preferred not to listen; I showed you My Mercy and I showered you with blessings that were never appreciated, so how can one say that the Lord has not shown His Love?

– because of your godlessness, because of your rejection of My Cross on which I suffered willingly for all of you, and particularly your blasphemes against the Holy Spirit of Grace that is poured out on you to renew you, I tell you, generation, that nation will turn against nation, blood will spatter all over; the olive tree will cease producing its olives and the earth will succumb; ruin and devastation will come to many cities more than ever 3, seasons will keep changing for man is destroying the earth through his own sinfulness and godlessness; and like a roaring lion My flames will descend from heaven, a turbulent fire; from one corner of the earth to the other I will put aflame ravines, mountains, valleys, cities, emptying many of the earth’s inhabitants;

while those who swore to destroy the Church turning upside down My Cross, these will be burned in hell! forlorn widows will roam around naked and all those 4 who swore to make war to My prophets and to holy things, they too will undergo what they deserve; now they sit confident on their thrones but not for long; I will come to them as the Judge and will judge them severely; I, Myself, will remove them from their thrones; although they hide beneath a mask today, soon I will search and reveal them; behold! I will humble all that are a stain in My House; I will allow them to be humiliated since they have transgressed against My principles; I shall then bring a clean vessel in My House, and your heart shall rejoice and My Hand shall be stretched out toward this vessel who will labour through My Light!

I need vessels, pure, for honour, and ready to be self-giving; gentle to all men, apt at teaching the young to be modest, obedient and cheerful in the Lord;

– the lance’s blade 5 is still in My Heart, My child, ah! yet the time will come, in fact the time is nearer than ever when I will appear as the Judge to those who trample on My Body misleading My people away from reconciling and uniting, keeping My flock dispersed and ignorant intentionally; I will break their power when the time comes never doubt;

come, all I need from you is love! ic

1 Our Lord was in pain and sorrow
2 evil spirits in humans
3 Dn 7: 25
4 Some of them are dignitaries of the Church
5 metaphor: meaning the division of the Church