September 13, 2002

To know God and understand Him only on the basis of Scriptures is not enough; one has to penetrate into God to be able to understand and know God. This is what we call “to taste God.”

yes, I have to take form in your inmost heart as much as you have to transform in My depths;

child, I am Yahweh, and I delight to visit you in your poverty; We have given you freedom extirpating you from the valley of darkness to live in Our brilliant Light;

now realise you are at the service of your King; do you realise that I have vested you with My glory, saturated you with My radiance, so that you have free access in My Imperial Courts? be confident when you converse with Me and happily accept My favour!

blessed are those who have a heart of a child and do not doubt in any of these Messages that come from Wisdom, nor will ever have; these have opened to grace and obtained My Light within them; the One who reveals Himself to mankind in such an ineffable manner is none less than your Creator who through His Words has brought many back to a true life with Me;

I am the One who exhorted you to lift your eyes to heaven and sin no more; I have been repeatedly giving you a full knowledge of Myself so that in knowing Me you inherit as well My Kingdom; I have never spoken harshly to you but I have treated you leniently, a lenity not of this world; My Words are consonant with the teachings of the Holy Scriptures;

blessed are those who accepted this reality without testing Me and have not treated My envoy recklessly, they will have a prophet’s reward; you have surely heard before that My envoys speak in My Name and those who do not believe them, treating them as impostors, or even accuse their mission, sin against Me who speaks through them;

as I have emphasised before, I have said nothing that contradicts the Holy Scriptures, but all My Words I uttered are consonant to what I have given you already, yet it seems that many have not penetrated fully in the knowledge of My Word; 1 had they, they would have recognised My Odes of today; they would have seen My Image in My Odes that do not differ from My Word that has been given to you; indeed no one can penetrate and understand this mystery, the mystery of your God speaking, and well-alive and among you in your days, on having only read the Holy Scriptures; to penetrate in the depths of My Word you need more than that;

spiritual knowledge is obtained by the Holy Spirit who enlightens Scriptures to you; have you heard of anybody reading at night when the lights are turned off? only when the lights are turned on will he be able to see the words and read; without light you will see nothing, without the Holy Spirit who transcends thought, and who is far beyond all the constellations of light put together, the utterances and the expressions of Wisdom in My Word will remain hidden from you; the Holy Spirit alone gives the necessary light in your mind to understand the heavenly utterances; otherwise My Words will remain sealed and closed; this is the reason why so many do not recognise Me in this Ode of Love;

Scriptures, as I have said, reflect My Divine Image, and if today you do not see Me in My Odes to you, given to you by loving Mercy, it is because you have not yet experienced My tenderness, nor have you ever savoured My sweetness; your so-called knowledge prevents you from seeing Me; blessed is he who opened his heart to Me, accepting Me in simplicity of heart, he will not see My Odes as mere words, but as power and as the Holy Spirit and as utter conviction; and I would add, that My Odes chanted to you are a living power among you who believe them;

I desire from all of you, creation, to see Me, this is why I unceasingly reveal My Love to you since the first day you came into being; will I one day hear from you: “praised be God, for showing His boundless Mercy to us and for allowing us to taste His Goodness; without Him revealing to us His Holy Face in our hearts, we would have been one of those who believe they can discover you through secular wisdom and their studies alone; Your treasure, Lord, is hidden from the scholars with their erudite learnings, and who claim knowledge of Your mysteries and of spiritual matters, when in reality they do not know You;”

I have been teaching you to hold your thoughts on heavenly things only to prosper, showing you your new self; I have, with delight, been preaching to the whole world without differentiating anyone; My intention as a Father, is to embellish My creation and renew it, turning your lives into an unceasing prayer; why then all this clamour around My Name? why do you allow yourselves to lose your serenity and be dictated by the world? your divine reality should be the Triune God and your life should revolve around heavenly inspirations and well hidden within My Son, Jesus Christ;

can anyone by himself discover My fathomless Treasures? unless he is given an inner light of understanding he shall remain in darkness; I repeat: blessed are those who believe in My Merciful Call, they shall gain My friendship and My intimacy;

who is the Source of Christian knowledge, the Source of prophecy? it is the Holy Spirit who teaches and uses all means to transfigure and renew My creation; and those who have fallen asleep and deny prophecy in your time, ask them if they have understood Scriptures and their sayings;

I have anointed prophets to declare My Words till the end of Time; I endowed them with the spirit of Elijah; but then have you not read that “prophets will succeed him?” 2

anyone who has opened his heart to Me, voluntarily allowing Me to invade him, has harvested the crop of life; Scriptures then become for him an unsealed and divine Ode, a living Word, a vision of God, a divine garment for your soul; his illumination thus from My Presence within him, establishes My Kingdom in his heart; any mystery that seemed concealed, will be revealed and the Scriptures will become as a loud and audible canticle to your ears; it is I, your Bridegroom, 3 stepping out from His Imperial Courts to turn your hearts towards Me for My own loving purpose;

be aware that your generation is constantly offending Me and is instructed by the evil one to obey everything that contradicts My Law of Love but coming from the Divine Truth; this so evil generation winnows in every wind and walks along every byway set by Satan; now, My Son and I have been giving ample opportunities for you all to return to Us through repentance, for We are compassionate and merciful, but, ah … so many of you have been misled by your own presumption …

it is written: 4 “a stubborn heart will come to a bad end at last, and whoever loves danger will perish in it;” the world today offers you much destruction, so it is better for you to lean on Me who am your Shield and say: “let us fall into the Hands of the Lord, not into the hands of men; for as His Majesty is, so too is His Mercy;” 5

ah, evil inclination, despite all these Odes and warnings, the people of the earth do not repent, nor do they give up their sins, very few follow My Law of Love and do what pleases Me; I am ceaselessly stooping from My Celestial Courts to you, generation, to pull you out of your mire; I have been sending you My envoys perfumed with blended incense and prepared by angels to carry on their wings My divine Odes; those who tasted My Words took the right course; how splendid they were after tasting My Words that were as sweet as honey to their mouths!

I have prepared and paraded all through these years a prodigious banquet of spiritual food; religion and virtue was My Theme of Love to you; in the cause of Truth I have lifted you up, generation, with My Sceptre; has your heart ever been stirred at all? sweet is the melody of this noble Ode, but have you not heard it? have you not heard Me addressing you individually My Love Theme with oil of gladness? have you not understood how I was anointing you all these years? pause a while and give it a thought and understand that I am God in Majesty and Splendour;

woe to the listless heart that has no faith, for such will have no protection in My Day; and woe to you who have lost the will to endure in virtue and righteousness, what will you do at the Lord’s visitation? what will you have to say in the Lord’s Day? will you be able to endure the ordeal of Fire?

you are chained now in body and soul to this world; Satan in his fury does not release you but holds you prisoner in his dungeons to deprive you, you who have fallen, from grace to repent; shrouded by his veil you became his toy; your repentance will break your chains and will thrust away hordes of evil spirits who nest in you, while some loom over your so pitiable soul;

in your misery you lack the will and the strength to overcome your enemy and throw off the shackles of flesh that bond you to this world; today, in these times of Mercy, I offer you grace as a gift and as a rewarding path leading to Me;

– I offer you to carry you on My shoulders during your convalescence;

– I offer you peace and rest, for you will not labour nor weary with Me;

– I offer you My Angels who will dress your wounds with ineffable tenderness, wounds inflicted on your soul from the passions of this world; They will assist you in your rehabilitation, bringing you back to life, regenerating your disabled soul in a new life in Me;

– I offer you a place in My Heart, where you will blossom with an abyss of learnings from Wisdom; I will lavish you with inestimable gifts as a bridegroom who lavishes his bride who captured his heart; and I will express My Love to you, My bride, while folding you in My Arms, singing to you the Odes of My creation and of how you came to be; I will unfold to you the mysteries before earth came into being, before nature came to birth, and while courting your soul, you will declare to Wisdom, “my Sister!” yes, I will free you like a bird from the snare, break you free like a gazelle from a trap, were you willing to turn to Me acknowledging Me in your repentance;

– I offer you ballads by Me and the secluded grace of being in My Presence, just you and Me;

– I offer your soul to be ever at play with Me, and I, as a Father who watches with delight his son’s development and his growth, I will watch, like an eagle, over My Kingdom being formed in you;

– I offer you what you call inaccessible and unattainable, and that I alone can offer, something that is suspended far and beyond human reach, a path not trodden by the proud of heart, a path where no philosopher ever walked; no gold, no crystal can ever match what I offer in value; it cannot be bought either with any amount of solid gold, not paid for with any weight of silver, nor be priced by the standard of the purest gold, or of precious onyx or sapphire, for Holy Wisdom cannot be assessed, I alone possess Her and offer Her to anyone I wish;

unseen by the eye of mankind, yet glorious in Her brilliancy, I will offer Holy Wisdom to you were you to cower before sin and flee from evil, repenting and reflecting on what was false; and if you will ask: “tell me, Father, tell me, where does Holy Wisdom come from? where is understanding to be found since it is outside the knowledge of every living thing, hidden from all creation?” I will answer you My child: “Wisdom? it is fear of the Lord; understanding? – avoidance of evil;” to all people I offer Wisdom, they make an end of darkness since Wisdom delights to bring to daylight secrets that were hidden while they would be contemplating the invisible beauties that are now visible in the glorious Light of Wisdom;

find, therefore, joy in Me, for My principles are noble and pure, and I govern with meekness and tenderness; with grace I enfold those who repent; I repugn all malice and corruption, but My Spirit frees all who admit their sin bringing the malicious evil spirits to an end;

I am not an earthly ruler, I am a Ruler of Justice, with noble decrees and virtuous rules loaded with splendour and majesty, yet gentle and humble of Heart; to rejoice your heart and gladden it I offer to restore your sight so that you satisfy your eyes and see Me, your God, while in awe you would be crying out to Me; “praised be the Triune God, thrice Holy! glory to the One who has lifted my soul doing great things for me! Holy is His Name; I praise My God who has restored my reckless soul to favour, allowing my eyes to see Your Face; and like Job, I will say in song: ‘I sinned and had left the path of right, but God has not punished me as my sin deserved; He has spared my soul from going down into the pit, and is allowing my life to continue in the Light;’ see brothers? see? all this, God is doing through the ages for mankind, rescuing souls from the pit, and letting the Light of life shine bright on us;”

I will grant you the sight of your God who speaks to you today; a vision you will never forget; seized by remorse6 in this delightful contemplation your spirit on fire will cry out to Me:

“You know, my Lord, inwardly I am shattered now, but at the same time, Lord, I am on fire; I looked at You and I am ablaze with divine Love that consumes me little by little; Resplendent Sun, You drew me, the ugly sinner, near You without thinking twice that I might be cheapening Your Sceptre; You allowed my sinful eyes to contemplate Your Majesty, Your Beauty, which surpasses the fairest of Your Angels, and upon seeing this Wonder, You wounded me beyond words; unable to satisfy My thirst, I weep, and my dilemma makes me wretched; Your glorious Presence affected me to yearn even more to learn how to love you and be intertwined for ever with You; my pain has augmented and I beg Your Angels to relieve me, but on second thoughts let Them not, let this fire keep wounding me, let my thirst for You, O Lover of mankind enkindle my whole being, let Your divine visitation increase my thirst for You to desire You even more;

“Your Sovereignty has no equal, none! You looked at me and our eyes met; Your Eyes brighter than two gems magnetised mine; from Your Eyes then, two rays of light appeared and brightened my soul illuminating it as though a thousand constellations were hurled into me, and every darkness or gloomy shadow in my soul faded away; confused for having suddenly received the Light of Your Grace, Your glory was unbearable in front of flesh and blood; You winked then at me, and I swooned; it was as though the floor under my feet swayed; the expressions of Your Love for me are driving me faint in my heart, for they are, my Lord, too overwhelming to my poor soul to bear; can anyone measure the magnificence of Your Greatness and Your inexpressible grandeur? who has seen Yahweh and has not swooned with passion? I remain powerless in front of such ecstatic Beauty …”

tell Me then, creature, in whom I love and delight, what is it like to discover Me within you? what is it like to fall in the Hands of the Almighty God? what is it like? tell Me, beloved one of My Heart, what is it like to hear your Creator sing to you and for you alone, Odes and Ballads while in your contemplation to Me? what is it like to know that He who chants to you and who lives in an inaccessible Light holding everything in His Hand, is contained in your heart, and yet without being contained? what is it like to be washed in My lustral waters, plunging you in Me?

be of good cheer, then, and live a pious life; My splendour has no equal, to converse with Me will leave on you unforgettable memories; to contemplate Me satisfies your thirst but never quenches it, rather it augments it; it is only in the Beatific Vision that your soul can be quenched and satisfied in the fullness of My Presence; without My Merciful assistance, creature, your soul would have withered before even being born; without My help your life would be a desolation, motionless, totally disconnected from Me, the Godhead! ah, if your soul only knew in what dangers it is crossing daily!

7 open your faculties, Vassula, and absorb Me; 8

O Blessed Lord,
You are the One who ceaselessly dazzles my soul,
flowing in me like a fluorescent River
You brighten my soul,
placing in my heart the Light in which I live;

I am still dumbfounded on Your choice
and that You joined Yourself in my soul,
that You joined Your Spirit in the centre of my heart;

You have enlivened the Scriptures to me
and Your utterances in them
became audible in my ears
and understandable in my heart and mind;
utterances of Divine Life;

You have brought to reality the unreachable realities:
the Kingdom of Heaven …
You made tangible Your Word
realising that truly the Triune God is but one God alone;
and that all Three are one Substance, one Power and one Knowledge …

You have unveiled the hidden plans,
hidden in the abyss of Your Love
instructing us that our bodies too can be resplendent
like Your Divine Light;
consubstantial with Your Son;

You have been putting my soul
in full awareness of Your Presence,
and ever since,
Your Friendship wounded my heart inwardly,
Your gaze on me shattered me;

Sensation and Reason, what do I need you for?
Your Fire, God, has consumed me,
reducing my ego into ashes;

I am transitory, surrounded by transitory things,
but You break the laws of nature
and new miracles appear daily through Your Hand;

and whosoever approaches You,
You put alight, becoming flame,
but with a promise:
that he will not turn into ashes …

Blessed is he who could grasp You
and embrace You,
virtue and divine Love will be his daily bread;

O Good and Loving Father,
who invites each one of us
to abide inseparably with the Holy Trinity
and be gods by participation,
making it feasible for us to reach
the Divine stature of Your Son, Jesus Christ;

Liturgy of my soul, Cathedral of my heart,
Perfumed Incense of the Universe,
Pitiless Archer, Divine Ode,
Abyss of transcendent Love,
Lustrous Crown, Spiritual Scent of our soul,
Light Thrice Holy,

I am not anymore capable of uttering any intelligible word
… or praise …

ah, Vassula, I mean to sing to you all the days of your life; discover Me within you; discover My Kingdom in the centre of your heart; discover My Grandeur within you; so tell Me, tell Me, what is the great miracle of your epoch? tell Me! tell Me!

the great Miracle of our days
is that You have descended from Heaven,
manifesting this way or that way to sinners;

the great Miracle,
is that the Holy One who transcends understanding and reasoning,
is visiting us and is speaking to us;
He is among us and with us;
He speaks in different ways;

He heals the sick; He raises the dead;
He overwhelms us by His Instructions;
He visits the poor; He frees the prisoners,
and He consoles the broken hearts;

this is the great Miracle of our times …

you have said well;
O Judgement Day! when My Son will shine above in the sky!

blessed is he who believes in My Word and that this Day is not a mere symbolic utterance for his ears! blessed is he who does not inveigh what comes from the Spirit and ridicules it; when My Spirit declares ‘Fire’ that is soon to come upon sinners;

how many more wonders do I have to do to satisfy you and hear from you: “I am sorry for having sinned;” let Me hear these words:

“my soul thirsts for God
but my tongue led me to sin;
but now my heart has been put alight
and is smouldering within me
since You visited me;

“You who are of all men and angels
the most handsome, perfection of beauty
and astounding in grace,
robed in colourless sapphires,
let Your flames sanctify all who approach You;
clean my guilt and let Your Holy Face shine on me;
purify me from sin and open my ear
to hear and understand Your Odes sung to us;

for this, I shall reply: “I shall never fail you, My child; come to Me and rest in Me; have you not understood that I am Fire? a Fire putting aflame everything I seize? anyone whom I seize, totters in flames of divine Love;

“have I not declared in the Scriptures, My Fire? have I not declared it several times in this Ode? 9 although your spirit in its sinfulness will shrivel with fear and with unbearable pain when recognising Me, at the same time I will be exuding My Fragrance and your soul, in My Presence, although terrified upon seeing itself naked and in decay from sin and transgression, from not following My Law of Love, will delight that I, her Creator and her God, is visiting her;

“when this day comes upon you, the day I call the Day of the Lord, the scales covering your eyes will fall off and you will look at your real self; My Fire will reduce you to nothing in your dismay; but, do not gasp with fear, be of good cheer, for how else would you see yourself by My side? any remaining evil tendencies will be rendered inactive; this purification is to turn your soul not to venture here and there aimlessly, but to Me who am your sole divine Bridegroom;”

I do not think that many of you have understood what the Day of the Lord means; when the voice of the bird is silenced and song notes are still, know that I will call in this silence all your hidden deeds, good or bad, to judgement; the Day of the Lord can be compared to a mini tribunal; a Purification by My Fire that will lead your soul into My Glory and into a perfect union with Me;

when a soul is horribly defiled by sin, repugnant to Me and to My Angels, Saints and holy ones, My visit will put her10 into agonising pains and she will not escape My Day; how else am I to render your soul incorruptible and free from sin? how else am I to bring those souls to repentance? only when I strip them naked with My Fire and they see themselves in what state they are in, only then will they realise how they were the possession of Satan;

in those whom My Divine Fire will be blazing, purifying them, by this immaterial Fire, I will consume them, awakening them and making them finally aware of how they are being transformed; transformed with pain but with joy as well, by the Love of My transforming Fire;

anyone who in body and soul already possesses Me and I possess him, the Day of the Lord shall not come upon him nor will he experience it; why? because the Holy Spirit already had made His passage felt in them; they have had the Day of the Lord come upon them; you can call that Day as well, the Day of My Visitation; after that Day, repentance and obedience to My Law of Love will be the theme of those I will regenerate by My Fire; I will soften the souls that are like rock now and warm the hearts that are like ice, and at once My Presence will be felt in their resurrection; 11

1 The Scriptures.