February 7, 1991

(Message for the world:)

peace be with you, I Am Jesus;

I am the Hope the world is looking for; this Hope they are looking for is within their reach; they have but to stretch their hands towards Heaven and search Heavenly things; they could seek Me and I shall respond to them; I am not hiding My Face, nor am I turning My Eyes away from them; My Eyes observe you all and survey all your steps;

My Spirit indeed fills the whole world to brighten this darkness and give Hope to those who grope their way in this endless night; beloved, with Heaven your homeland, and earth your pilgrimage, all the more reason to rejoice and to hope;

O creation, am I to unveil your death shroud and not bring you to life? or I, who bring to life, am I to send you back to death? I am Mercy, I am Love; look up in Heaven and see the Signs of the Times; I am coming to gather nation after nation and show My Holy Face to each one of you and remind you of My Love;

but look, the beginning of sorrows has started; the beginning of your birth pangs too, you are witnesses, since you became believers, that what you read in Scriptures is coming to reality: the outpouring of My Spirit in these last days of darkness is being poured out lavishly upon mankind; you are witnesses to things which were in riddles and said in parables before; you are witnesses of Satan’s cruelty, but I promise you, little children, that soon after your sorrows (which will aggravate) will come Joy, and after your birth pangs, Love will be born among you! but today I look with dismay from above on this generation’s crimes which now have outdone the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah, because your hopes are built on a false Christ;

this generation is vile, rebellious and polluted with blood, and living under Satan’s shadow; O era! your fine and so-called wisdom has indeed walled Me out because your hearts, pompous and filled with arrogance, consider to be the equal of Me your God; “are you still going to say: I am a god, when your murderers confront you?” 1 already blood is flowing in your streets; in your wickedness you build up your hopes in all that is not Me; you have put your hopes on men, and not on Me; on riches that do not save you, disregarding the Treasure I offer you in Heaven; you are building your expectations on mankind based on a Lie, because you believe you can accomplish everything in your own human strength; indeed, you2 have amassed great wealth in your busy trading, but tomorrow you shall die;

few are those who ask: “why is it that the Lord and His Mother descend suddenly upon us?” and only a remnant of My sacerdotal souls are concerned about Our regular manifestations; I have said that “I am going to send My Messenger to prepare a way for Me”, 3 and this is exactly what My Mother, who is your Mother too, is doing;

Scriptures are being fulfilled and I tell you solemnly, that the One whom My Abels and My Jacobs were longing for will suddenly come, entering His Temple to extirpate the Cains and the Esaus who made havoc and ruin out of My Church; you have industrialised My House; this House which should have been a House of prayer! you have indeed, turned My House into a den of thieves! if I am as you4 say: “the Holy One,” then where is the honour you owe Me? if I am indeed, your Master, where is My respect? if I am your God, where is My adoration and My incense? where is My devotion? how is it that you cannot read the Signs of the Times? how is it that you cannot understand Heavenly things? how is it that you do not believe anymore in My Marvels? why are you persecuting My Abels and My Jacobs? if not openly, in secret?

I appear as well as your Holy Mother, and We manifest Ourselves through souls, in many nations, but Our manifestations weary you, and even anger you; “how tiresome it all is” you say, 5 for to this day you have not understood the Heavenly things like My Abels and Jacobs; no, you have neither understood My Love nor the devotion you owe My Mother; you call to faith and rely on your strength, your authority and your reasoning; My Voice calling out today for repentance to the sinners disturbs your ears; when Righteousness suddenly shines out with healing in its rays, you refuse My Gift which is offered today in your dark era;

am I to accept your persecutions over and over again? am I to sacrifice year after year My Abels and My Jacobs who are the incense of My altars and the sturdy pillars of My Church? you have closed your ears to My Voice to listen only to your own; you have deprived many of eating the fruits of My New Vineyards because Satan has entered you and ambushed your spirit, and lo, others are atoning for your crimes; 6 others are atoning for your vanity and your folly:

to save you; every day these generous souls offer their cheek to you, to be struck, to be abased and afflicted, for your sake, these generous souls expiate with their own blood: to save you;

I am waiting to hear you, but you are not saying what you ought to; you do not repent, but you go astray as you pursue your course dragging millions behind you; you go for seats and authority but not for conquering and saving souls, but you shall fall … and this continuous apostasy shall cease … and in you, My Abels and My Jacobs, I shall rebuild My altars that once were, but that now lie in ruin;

I shall make crystal-clear rivers flow out of you and your witnessing shall be fruitful because these waters will be coming out of My Source; and like trees of life growing by this Holy river, My children shall prosper from your witnessing; children, courage, I have not abandoned you, nor have I forgotten you; anyone who lives in Me will feel My Love, anyone who feeds from Me shall not be cut off to die, he who remains in Me shall live; I, the Bridegroom, descend to wed you in My Peace and Love and remind you that from the Beginning you were Mine;

I, the Lord, bless you, leaving the Sigh of My Love on your foreheads; be one, under My Holy Name;

2 God is referring in this passage to the Freemasonry thinking.
4 The Cains and Esaus.
6 Suddenly Jesus’ Voice became tender and sad.